Grant in Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Full nameAbel Cameron
BirthdateJanuary 8
BirthplaceFlag of the United States.svg USA
Height201 cm (6'7")
Weight105 kg (231 lbs)
Blood typeA
Job/OccupationKain R. Heinlein's bodyguard
LikesNationalistic masks, a picture of him, Kain, and Marie from long ago
DislikesBegging for life
HobbiesMaking China (plates)
Favorite foodBeef Stew
Forte in sportsWeightlifting
Special skillHe can hold any emotions to himself
Most unpleasantHot places
Favorite musicInstrumental music
Fighting styleAnkoku Karate

Grant (グラント, Guranto), whose true name is Abel Cameron, is a character in the Fatal Fury series. He is the sub boss of Garou: Mark of the Wolves; if the player hasn't met the conditions to fight Kain, he will be the final boss for the game's bad ending. Kain and Grant, while not brothers, were inspired by the Biblical Cain and Abel. He is voiced by Yō Kitazawa.


Grant is an old friend of Kain and Marie Heinlein. He protected the siblings from the dangers of the slums under his real name Abel. When Marie was sent away to live a life of luxury, he chose to stay with Kain and watch over the boy as his father figure. Nineteen years before the game begins, Kain had enough of the slums and declared his ambitions for power. Determined to not abandon him, he also invited Abel to join him. Abel agreed and took on the name Grant from then on. They work well together as they share the same vision of greatness. Grant had also made a deal with a dark entity in order to gain the power of Ankoku Karate (Dark Karate), for which he trains in his temple underneath his mansion.

Under his new persona, Grant's duty to Kain was to eliminate any intruder or conspirators against them. He has killed many men during Kain's rise to power, eventually choosing to work in the shadows until he is needed. Four years before the game begins, Grant shielded Kain from a gunshot and the bullet was lodged near his heart. Since the bullet is difficult to remove, Grant lives everyday as his last and wishes for a great final battle.

When the "King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem" tournament takes place, his job is to lure strong opponents to his lair and defeat them before they reach Kain. In his ending, he helps Kain find and subdue the remaining kingpins in Second Southtown.


Grant is an unmovable and unmerciful giant. He is calm and composed at all times, praising anyone who has the bravery to face him. He honors his history with Kain and will work for him until the end.


  • Hurricane Attack - Grant can create a small hurricane with the momentum of his punches.
  • Seismic Wave - Grant can topple his foes by generating a seismic wave.
  • Slashing Aura - Grant can create a slashing aura around his legs.
  • Energy Attacks - Grant can infuse his attacks with dark energy.

Fighting StyleEdit

Grant is a power character with strong physical attack attributes. His normal attacks have long range and his special moves will take off a sizable chunk of the enemy's lifebar. In terms of his karate-style, he focuses on a focused-stance with a variety of ki-based attacks and with sudden bursts of speed.

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  • Destruction Maniac - Garou: Mark of the Wolves

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  • According to the fan Q&A for the game, Grant has green eyes and white hair.


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