Green Hell
Green Hell
Tam Tam's stage from Samurai Shodown.
Full nameGreen Hell
CountrySomewhere in South America
Known residentsTam Tam, Cham Cham, Sam Sam, Kenta, a priest, Paku Paku, Chona Chona, Riru Riru, Bibi, Pono Pono, Myun Myun, Laura, Bobon, Gororo

Green Hell (グリーンヘル), also known as Green Vale, is the name to a fictional village in the Samurai Shodown series. This place acts as the first stage for Tam Tam and Cham Cham. The townspeople named the place in spirit of its natural surroundings. Dangerous jungles and ferocious beasts surround the area and the people need to be physically fit in order to survive.

The most prominent landmark near their home is a tall mountain called Harehare Mountain. It considered to be a bizarre place by locals as it houses several extinct wildlife such as archaeopteryx, deinonychus, and mammoths. According to a town legend, a banana that can grant the founder's wishes is said to exist there. During their spare time, Tam Tam and Cham Cham will occasionally go there to search for it.

The Palenke Stone is kept with the townspeople at a local shrine; the Tangiers Stone was placed at Harehare Mountain by the siblings' ancestors.

In the RPG, the mountain is a home for electric eels, various types of minor gods, and mythical beasts. The players need to talk to the stone spirits along the mountain's path to find a golden banana. With this banana, the party can present a suitable offering for the god blocking their path towards the peak. If Cham Cham is the main hero, she will fish for an electric eel at the lake. If Rimururu is in the party, she will bathe in the lake area. She freezes the said eel sometime off screen.

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