Gunter gf-292
Gunter in Galaxy Fight
Full nameGunter
BirthplacePlanet Gurdjieff
Height240 cm (7'10")
Weight283 kg (624 lbs)
Family/RelativesGyashi (wife), Daughter (she is married and is the head of her family)
LikesBattle, children, ring that is soldier's proof
DislikesIdiots that pollute the water
HobbiesTraining, eating

Gunter (ギュンター ) is a character from Galaxy Fight.


A gigantic green-skinned fire-breathing monster of immense power, Gunter fights for his native tribe. In order to fulfill a prophecy that he would protect his people against all enemies, he has come to fight. Only he and Alvan appear to recognize G. Done's mystical nature.


  • Ancient Wrath - Galaxy Fight

Game AppearancesEdit


Gf gunter anim

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