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Hanzo in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
Full nameHanzo Hattori Masanari
BirthdateAugust 10, 1555 (WH series); 25 years old (WH), 26 years old (WH2)
BirthplaceFlag of Japan.svg Japan
Height175 cm (5' 9")
Weight69 kg (152 lbs)
Blood typeB
Job/OccupationHead of the Iga Clan
LikesTraining, people who work hard
DislikesNanpa, bread, coffee
Favorite foodOnigiri (especially with umeboshi in the middle), green tea
Special skillHe can train for three days straight without rest (NGBC)
WeaponMasamune (マサムネ), a ninja sword
Fighting styleIga-ryū Ninjutsu

Hanzo Hattori (服部 半蔵, Hattori Hanzō) is the protagonist of the World Heroes series. He is Fuuma Kotaro's rival. In his initial planning stages, he bore a very striking resemblance to Ryu from Street Fighter. Hanzo's hairstyle and padded outfit were devised to give his design its own uniqueness. His IQ from his World Heroes profile is listed as "unfathomable".

He is based on the historical figure of the same name, who was head of a clan in Iga. He also shares the same name as Hanzo from the Samurai Shodown series. To avoid confusion between the two, this character is sometimes called by his first name, "Hanzo" (ハンゾウ, Hanzou). His weapon, Masamune, is also named after the legendary swordsmith of the same name.


Hanzo is the young and rigorous leader of the Iga clan. After Fuuma beat him when he was 19, he declared the other ninja as his rival and trains to not lose to him again. Sent to a world unknown to him, he continues to train and obtain enlightenment as a warrior. He considers himself naive, though he has hopes to one day be the greatest.


Hanzo is a very dedicated and stoic warrior, only thinking of the next battle. He refers to himself in humble terms, using the words sessha and dono when addressing others. He is usually very serious and focused until Kotaro's antics make him lose his temper. At times he exercises good will with the other fighters, as he is seen interacting with them in other endings.


Aside from these powers, he also has all the skills perceived to be had by ninjas (stealth, swimming, climbing, etc.).

  • Pyrokinesis: Using his ninjutsu, Hanzo can emit blue flames. With this, he can throw blaze-tinted kunai, create a rising uppercut, and shoot blue energy from his hands.
  • Invisibility - Hanzo can become invisible at will.
  • Teleportation - Hanzo can teleport short distances.

Fighting StyleEdit

Like several characters at the time of conception, he fights in a similar manner as Ryu.


  • Public Hit & Missing Of Intense Light - World Heroes
  • The last days of the runaway ninja -Fight- - World Heroes
  • Intuition - World Heroes 2
  • My Spirit is Blank - World Heroes 2
  • Shooting Script - World Heroes 2 Jet

Voice ActorsEdit

Game AppearancesEdit


Hanzo's card from Card Fighters Clash DS.


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