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The King of Fighters XIVEdit

Select QuoteEdit

  • "Hai, tadaima." ("Yes, I'm back.")
  • "Watakushi, meni o makase kudasai." ("Let me take care of it please.")
  • "Kashiko mari mashita." ("Understood.")

In BattleEdit

  • "Ote yawaraka ni onegai shimasu." ("Please do not go hard on me.") (intro vs. Geese)
  • "Ikuso." ("Let's go.")
  • "Masaka." ("Impossible.")
  • "Bakana!" ("No way!")
  • "Kono teido ka?" ("That's all?")
  • "Owarase mashou." ("This will be over soon.")
  • "Rook!"
  • "Castling!"
  • "Bishop!"
  • "Ikimasu!" ("Here I go!")
  • "Miemasu." ("I see you.")
  • "Mezawari desu! King!" ("You disgust me! King!")
  • "Queen!"
  • "Gokigenyou." ("Farewell.")
  • "O hanashimi arimasen ne." ("It's no use talking.")
  • "Oyasuminasai masu." ("It's good night.")
  • "Osomatsu-sama deshita." ("Thank you for your kindness.") (win vs. Geese)

Pre-Battle DialogueEdit

Billy Kane

Billy: "Hey new guy, are you used to working next to Mr. Geese already?"
Hein: "Well, there are still so many things I have yet to learn, so I must apologize for my inconvenience."
Billy: "You may be modest, but those glaring eyes can't hide a thing."
Hein: "No no, that's not the case at all... I have no ambitions."
Billy: "Hmph, as your elder I'll make this good practice for you."


Hein: "Are you some sort of carnivore? No doubt, there's an aura around you that's just like that of a ferocious beast."
K': "Hm? You've got something strange about you, too."
Hein: "What could it be... ? Well, it's dangerous to leave a beast unattended, shall I go on a hunt for you?"
K': "Hmph... Alright, just as you wish, I'm going to tear you to pieces."


King: "Are you the rumored bodyguard?"
Hein: "I am not aware of such a rumor, but it's probably just as you say. Then you must be... The bouncer for Mr. Big..."
King: "Yes, back in the day. I'm a former bouncer. Now I'm just the owner of a regular bar."
Hein: "That will do just fine. Please, as a senior bouncer, could you provide me with some instruction? Well... But if I beat you, don't be too disappointed. Since you're just a regular bar owner now."
King: "You've got guts! Don't blame me if you get hurt!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "The struggles of weaklings are so vulgar."
  • "Well done. To be honest, I didn't think you would have lasted that long."
  • "Did you think you could take me down? You're a real piece of garbage..."
  • "Please don’t let me see you again, ever."
  • "How about one more game?"
  • "You should first learn the proper etiquette to plead for your life."
  • "No matter how many times we fight, I can’t lose to you."
  • "You put up quite a nice fight... for cannon fodder, that is."
  • "Where did all that confidence go...? How absurd."
  • "You were able to do some damage. I shall re-evaluate my perception of you."
  • "It seems you’re pretty competent, but this is your limit."
  • "A butler’s job also requires taking out the trash…"
  • "The end of the road for the powerless is a pitiful thing."
  • "Pardon me. I’ll have to report this to Mr. Geese."
  • "The way you carry yourself draws the eye, somehow."
  • "If you had just resigned for me, I wouldn’t have had to take it this far... You see?"
  • "I’m terribly sorry. I had to show my true strength."
  • "That took longer than I thought."
  • "This served as a warning for those who would turn against Mr. Geese."
  • "Those monotonous moves make victory for you nothing but a pipe dream."
  • "I didn’t think that crawling around the ground would suit you this well."
  • "Just as I planned."
  • "The moment one crushes another’s pride is the most joyous in life."
  • "That wasn’t even a good practice workout..."
  • "Have you lost your fighting spirit...? How pitiful."
  • "You should first learn the proper etiquette to plead for your life."
  • "For the self-proclaimed king... This is a checkmate." (vs. Antonov)
  • "Well, aren’t your screams quite beautiful? It makes me hesitate to finish you off." (vs. Athena)
  • "You look like an old broom when you’re sprawled out on the ground like that." (vs. Benimaru)
  • "I can’t say I’m surprised to see you lose a match to someone like me. Train from the beginning and come back." (vs. Billy)
  • "The only thing that those nails of yours could damage is your own pride." (vs. Choi)
  • "Good work on failing at your duties." (vs. Clark)
  • "I’m delighted that you were able to reconfirm my abilities." (vs. Geese)
  • "At your level, it would be better for your troops if you retired." (vs. Heidern)
  • "Hunting is a one-sided affair... Do you really think that a rabid dog would have a chance in it?" (vs. K')
  • "Justice, you say...? Hehe, that’s a big word for someone with your skills." (vs. Kim)
  • "You can’t protect anything with skills like yours." (vs. King)
  • "You were a... pro wrestler, weren’t you? I had you mistaken for the competition mascot or something." (vs. King of Dinosaurs)
  • "If you’re going to play with sand, then please go to the park. Well? Your little friends are waiting for you." (vs. Kukri)
  • "Now excuse me, as I do not have time to spare to spar with a child." (vs. Kula)
  • "This world is for humans. Please slither back to the other side." (vs. Mature)
  • "You have something special... What a waste of potential." (vs. Nelson)
  • "Moving like that at your age... You're everything I expected." (vs. Oswald)
  • "The power in your fists must be from the Kyokugen style? You’re a dangerous opponent indeed." (vs. Ryo)
  • "Looks like you’re having a really tough time... Shall I put you out of your misery?" (vs. Shun'ei)
  • "Not really a wolf, more like a stray dog... Actually no, you’re really just the runt of the litter." (vs. Terry)
  • "I heard you were a cryptic old man, but you are everything I expected of Geese’s master." (vs. Tung)
  • "For a monster, your end was quite anticlimactic." (vs. Verse)
  • "You're a mere gangster, all bark with no bite." (vs. Yamazaki)