Hikyaku's winpose in the Gameboy port.
Full nameHikyaku (real name unknown)
BirthdateAugust 26, 1758; 31 years old (Samurai Shodown II)
BirthplaceIyo, Japan
Height185 cm (6'1")
Weight71 kg (156 lbs.)
Blood typeA
Family/RelativesYuki (younger sister)
Job/OccupationDelivery man
LikesEating sushi with his sister, determination
HobbiesTaking a break to eat, trying to be a professional
Favorite foodSushi
Special skillEat sushi while running
Most unpleasantHe doesn't have a wife yet
Fighting styleSagawa-ryū

Hikyaku (飛脚, Hikyaku), is a character who was first introduced in Samurai Shodown as the delivery man that ran through the stages and threw items into fights.

He is based on the archaic Japanese courier, men who would need to run mile-long marathons to and from places for the shogunate. They developed their sprinting system due to the possibility of being killed for the information they carried; many men also collapsed or died from exhaustion due to the strenuous ordeal of running non-stop for a day's time.


Hikyaku is a loyal servant to the Tokugawa clan, often asked to speedily deliver letters to their allies. While he was on the job, Amakusa approached him. Unable to run away, Hikyaku was forced to work for him as he held his sister, Yuki, hostage. Hikyaku's job was to disrupt the flow of fights by throwing food, coins, or bombs into the fray, favoring neither side of the battle. His servitude was broken when Jubei saved Yuki. He returned to the shogunate after he finally delivered his cargo. From then on, he swore to also aid Jubei on his travels, usually by saving the Palenke and Tangiers Stones from the remains of the antagonist's place.


A man of duty who truly wants peace. He is thankful to Jubei for saving his sister.


  • High Stamina: Hikyaku can run night and day almost non-stop.

Fighting StyleEdit

Hikyaku's strong slashes involve smacking opponents with his bindle (which he also uses to toss opponent during his throw). His Bomb Toss special move arches high across the screen, preventing any jumping attacks. If he is attacked before the bomb is tossed, it will fall out of his hands and land nearby instead. Bombs will always explode on impact with ground or the opponent. His other special move, called Instant Rush, is a very fast dash across screen. Hikyaku won't be able to move or attack for some time after dash ends as he becomes short of breath. Both of his special moves knock opponents down on contact.


(Information Needed)

Game AppearancesEdit

Cameo AppearancesEdit



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