Hinako Shijou

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Here is a list of quotes for Hinako Shijou.

The King of Fighters 2000Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "I reacted without thinking. You okay? ...I didn't think so."

Lose QuoteEdit

  • "This heavenly body has fallen from grace."

The King of Fighters 2001Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Oh, this weight... I feel sumo history coursing in me!"
  • "I'll need more practice to be a real sumo wrestler."
  • "I gotta show my sumo teammates what I can do!"
  • "What a... hulk. I gotta bulk up more".(Vs.Chang)
  • "You're built for the sumo, show me your stuff." (Vs. Maxima)
  • "Team Japan, you say? You had a tosser, didn't you?" (Vs. Japan Team)
  • "Champions of justice? You've gotta be kidding me!" (Vs. Korea Team)

The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited MatchEdit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "At this rate... I am bound for victory!"

The King of Fighters 2003Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "If I win KOF, I'm making a commemorative loincloth!"
  • "Yeah! I matched you for every move, loser!"
  • "What a match! Let's try it in the sumo ring sometime."
  • "You may not agree, but victory is mine, right?"
  • "It's okay. Even a waif like you can be a sumo wrestler." (Vs. Athena/Malin)
  • "Ah...! I want to share it... This special feeling..." (Vs. Chang)
  • "U-uh... y-you're really suited for sumo, I think..." (Vs. Daimon/Maxima/Tizoc)
  • "Uh, Mai... I really think you should rethink that outfit." (Vs. Mai)

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