Hotaru Futaba

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In BattleEdit

Garou: Mark of the WolvesEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Hee, hee! Didja see that? I'm a real fighter, aren't I?"
  • "A tad of courage... That's what fuels me."
  • "You're very pretty... Just like I'll be when I grow up." (Vs. B. Jenet)
  • "A powerful spirit with a will to win. A lot like me!" (Vs. Butt)
  • "I don't understand you... What's your gripe, bud?" (Vs. Freeman)
  • "If I had met my brother, I would've wept for joy!" (Vs. Herself)
  • "Sorry. Are you hurt? I'll fix you up right away." (Vs. Hokutomaru)
  • "Huh, you're a cop? Where's my brother?" (Vs. Kevin)
  • "Hee, hee. You're strange! But you're kind of cute." (Vs. Kim Dong Hwan)
  • "You're a real fighter. But chicks rule!" (Vs. Kim Jae Hoon)
  • "Why the hang dog? You can't escape yourself!" (Vs. Rock)
  • "So close, yet so far. Being related's weird, huh?" (Vs. Terry)
  • "Heart triumphs over might. You're wonderful, Tizoc!" (Vs. Tizoc)
  • "I knew I'd find you. Why did you leave us?" (Vs. Gato (player controlled))
  • "Did you think that get-up would scare me?" (Vs. Grant (player controlled))
  • "You're in the wrong place. That's why you lost!" (Vs. Kain (player controlled))

Vs. GatoEdit


Hotaru: "...Big Brother? Is it really you?"
Gato: "You're mistaken. I don't know you."
Hotaru: "...You lie... I know it's you. Don't tease me!"
Gato: "Nonsense! Let's begin!"


Hotaru: "I guess I was mistaken."
Gato: "You won little girl, farewell."
Hotaru: "No way. He's not hurt at all. Huh? It can't be! He lost on purpose, I bet! Wait! Let me speak to you!"

Vs. GrantEdit


Hotaru: "Brother. Where are you? Hey! Who's there?"
?: "...A cute little victor. Your brother's memory... you your power. That's right, isn't it?"
Hotaru: "...Are you this contest's organizer, creepy guy? Please, I must ask you something. Show yourself!"
Grant: "I am Grant... The Martyr of Might... Now show me your awesome power... me all you have."


Grant: "...Your brother awaits... ...You should be hurry up!"
Hotaru: "Thank you... By the way, I..."
Grant: "You don't need to thank me. The mighty are only the truth. ...Goodbye, young lady. Farewell, Kain."

Vs. Kain R. HeinleinEdit

Pre-Final Battle

?: "Grant lost?... That girl's tougher than she looks, I guess. So what now?..."
Hotaru: "Are you Kain? Tell me! Where is my brother!"
Kain: "Who, that guy? Hmm. But... Is that the guy? I don't think the guy you're looking for'll return again."
Hotaru: "What? You can't be serious!"
Kain: "I'll say this once: He can only find meaning in battle. And I, too, find people's true nature only in battle."
Hotaru: "You lie! My brother left me with these words: In this world, humans are the loneliest living beings."
Kain: "Nonsense! These fists... ...will teach you the truth!"


Kain: "Am I beaten?..."
Hotaru: "...You bet, fool! You've made a terrible mistake. True power comes not from strength but real kindness."
Kain: "...Listen well, young lady. When people must choose... They also must throw away something important to them."
(Kain's Palace starts crumbling)
Kain: "Ugh. Don't glare at me such. ...Don't you recall someone?"
(Kain's Palace is destroyed, leaving his fate unknown)


Gato: "Over so soon. That's the best you can do?"
Hotaru: "Big brother? You're my brother, right?"
Gato: "You're getting on my nerves, brat!"
Hotaru: "Big brother! Why? Why did you leave? Mother died, you know!"
Gato: "Enough!"
(Hotaru slaps Gato)
Hotaru: "...You jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! I don't know what went on... ...that fateful day. But...but we... We're family!"
Gato: "...Same as always."
Hotaru: "Huh? What was that?"
Gato: "This isn't the place. I won't kill today. But next time..."
Hotaru: "Big brother! ...Someday... For sure..."

The King of Fighters XIEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Heh, heh, that was a good match. I'd like to fight you again."
  • "I won't lose! I've got someone to protect, too!"
  • "It's alright... I'll meet him... I know I will..."
  • "It's scary, alright... But we have to move forward! Right, Itokatsu?"
  • "I've prepared myself for this tournament. Don't go easy on me!"
  • "Itokatsu... Are you worrying about me? It's OK. I wouldn't give up in a place like this!"
  • "Oh, no! I'm sorry I was frantic and... Um, are you OK?"
  • "You have beautiful eyes. You must have an innocent soul... Do you think we could be friends?"
  • "Gato... Hey, wait! We need to talk!! Please..." (Vs. Garou Team)
  • "I'm sorry... I can't give in, either. If I learn anything about your father, I'll contact you." (Vs. Kasumi)
  • "Heh heh heh... Let's try our best, okay?" (Vs. Momoko)
  • "Itokatsu's trembling... I can't believe I beat such a scary person..." (Vs. Shion)

Neo Geo Battle ColiseumEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Hey, Itokatsu. How'd you get in there? Watch it, you silly sable!"
  • "What am I doing here... in such an awesome tournament? I want to go home...!"
  • "You were stronger. But my courage led me to victory - tiny though it may be."
  • "Hey, I did it! I did it, big brother! I fought like a pro!"
  • "I've heard about you! My brother's had dealings with your syndicate!" (Vs. Geese)
  • "Hey, get a hold of your eagle. It's scaring my sable, Itokatsu!" (Vs. Nakoruru)
  • "Long time no see! Still got that pouty manner, but I think you've gotten tougher." (Vs. Rock)
  • "Could it be, Terry...? Did you let me win?" (Vs. Terry)

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