Geese Howard, escorted by Billy Kane, Ripper and Hopper.

Howard Connection (ハワード・コネクション) is the self-founded enterprise of Geese Howard. On the surface, it is a powerful protection agency that strives to help the people of South Town. Its well-meaning portrayal in the media is mainly a front to deter investigators from the kingpin's connections with the mafia. Thanks to his years of work, it controls all of South Town and some parts of the globe. Its headquarters is Geese Tower and there is another branch located near the famous skyscraper.

After Geese's death, the business is run for a time by his brother-in-law, Kain R. Heinlein.

Geese's crime syndicate's businesses often overlap with Howard Connection, and most of his underlings pose as employed by the company as personal security.

Known MembersEdit

The members of Howard Connection/Geese's crime syndicate are the following:

  • Geese Howard - owner, founder and CEO of Howard Connection; ringleader of the crime syndicate underneath and host of several King of Fighters tournaments.
  • Billy Kane - personal security and protector of Geese. Geese's trusted right hand man and field operative.
  • Ripper and Hopper - personal security of Geese Howard.
  • Hwa Jai - hired henchman. Muay Thai fighter of renown. No longer connected.
  • Raiden - hired henchman. World-famous professional wrestler with violent tendencies. Has reformed as Big Bear.
  • Blue Mary - has been hired by a front owned by Howard Connection in the past. A sworn enemy after she learns the company's true nature.
  • Kain R. Heinlein - successor of Geese after the CEO's death.
  • Hein - butler of Geese Howard.