Huge Frogger

Huge Frogger is a hyper, humanoid toad who makes his first appearance in King of the Monsters 2. He is the first of Famardy's minions to face the heroes, as he is seen terrorizing what appears to be New York City. He is also the only boss who appears at the beginning of the stage and engages the player(s) in a short fight


  • Teleportation - Huge Frogger can teleport across short distances thanks to his helmet.
  • Energy beams - Huge Frogger can fire huge beams at his opponents.

Fighting StyleEdit

Huge Frogger is extremely fast and agile, able to lunge at his opponents feet first. He can remove his space helmet to shoot a purple beam at other monsters. He taunts his opponents by standing with his hands on his waist and laughing.

Game AppearancesEdit

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