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Full nameHyakutaro Ichimonji
Special skillSummoning energy from his hands
Fighting styleShooting fireballs at enemies, leaving when you die

Hyakutaro Ichimonji (一文字 百太郎, Ichimonji Hyakutarō) is a character in the Metal Slug series. He appears basically as any P.O.W. encountered in the game.


Hyakutaro is a living legend that somehow learned his powers. He was a lieutenant in the Regular Army, but was captured by the Rebels. A former P.O.W., Hyakutaro was rescued by the Peregrine Falcons and wanders the battlefields killing any rebels in his way.


This man now wants revenge against the Rebels and General Morden.


  • Homing Energy Projectiles - Hyakutaro can fire a ball of energy that follows his enemies.

Fighting StyleEdit

He uses his power while the player is alive.

Game AppearancesEdit

Mobile AppearancesEdit

  • Metal Slug Defense (unlockable)
  • Metal Slug Attack

See AlsoEdit


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