Here is a list of quotes for Igniz.

In BattleEdit

  • "Nesutsu yami no shihaisha, ware koso saikyo...migoto koete miseyo." - "The conquer of darkness, NESTS; and me, the strongest. Try and best me."
  • "Saa, kuru ga ii. Chansu wo ataete yarou." - "Now, come at me. Do not miss this chance."
  • "Erabareshi shukumei no otoshigo, ima koko ni chikara wo shimeshi." - "You who have been chosen by fate, show me that power of yours now."
  • "Ware ni ken wo atteta koto...homete yaru..." - "You dared to lay a hand on me...I'm surprised..."
  • "Shoushi..." - "Absurd..."
  • "Amai..." - "Pointless..."
  • "Ochiyo..." - "Fall..."
  • "Fire."
  • "Mai oriyo..." - "Sweep down..."
  • "Migoto da..." - "You did well..."
  • "Nozomi doori ni...ten kara ochi yo!" - "Just as you wish...I'll cast you from the heavens!"
  • "Hito wa nanika wo nasu tame ni sei wo uke...Nashi oeta toki, shinde yuku..." - "People are given life to do something...and upon doing so, they die..."

The King of Fighters 2001Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "I am the chosen one. The leader of all!"
  • "I am nearly a god. No, wait. I am a god."
  • "All is predestined. You must realize that."
  • "No one knows my power. So it is for a god like me!"
  • "Boundless power! All are impotent before me."
  • "You thought you could win without your Kyokugen secrets?" (vs. Art of Fighting Team)
  • "So, Fatal Furies. Is warm-up all over?" (vs. Fatal Fury Team)
  • "Such weakness... Is that all your hate?" (vs. Hero Team)
  • "So, Heidern. Shall we draw up a treaty of defeat?" (vs. Ikari Team)
  • "My clones are superior to you, Kyo Kusanagi." (vs. Japan Team)
  • "Is justice but weakness? Try again, and again, and..." (vs. Korea Team)
  • "Over so soon, my pretty guinea pigs?" (vs. NESTS Team)
  • "That wasn't psychic power. Show me your true strength!" (vs. Psycho Soldier Team)
  • "We still have some time. Let's have some more fun." (vs. Women Fighters Team)
  • "Is that the extent of you power, Iori Yagami?" (vs. Yagami Team)

The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited MatchEdit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "Praise me...for I am a god! Look upon my new world!"

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