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Jacques Ducalis
Jacques Ducalis in Buriki One.
Full nameJacques Ducalis
Family/RelativesNone known
Job/OccupationDirector of the French Judo Society
Fighting styleJudo

Jacques Ducalis (ジャック・デュガリ) is a character in Buriki One. Aside taking inspiration from David Douillet, his looks was probably inspired by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, Royce Gracie. He is voiced by Eiji Tsuda.


Jacque is a successful judo champion and is now an instructor in France. In his mind, he thinks that a fighter must always evolve and that he wasn't evolving. So, when he received a letter asking him to point the best of his students to enter the tournament, he pointed himself.


A cool minded-warrior, Jacques is an experienced fighter that loves his martial art.

Fighting StyleEdit

He uses mainly judo grappling and submission maneuvers.


  • Breaking Through - Buriki One

Game AppearancesEdit


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