Jean Pierre
Artwork from Fighters History Dynamite
Full nameJean Pierre
BirthdateSeptember 15, 1969; 23 years old (FH), 24 (Dynamite)
Birthplace22px-Flag of France.svg France
Blood typeAB
Job/OccupationSorbonnr university studying geology
LikesHis beauty; girls, especially Feilin.
DislikesSamchay, dog droppings
Favorite foodBeef Rice
Favorite musicRap
Fighting styleMelee gymnastics

Jean Pierre is a character from Fighter's History series .


A French gymnast who has always achieved perfect scores until the day he scored a 9.98. Since then, he began picking martial arts in order to improve his grace and strength. He participates in the tournament in order to see the results of his training.When it comes to the Olympics in 1996, was surprised to see Ryoko, which implies that they faced in the tournament and lose against Ryoko.In addition, Jean made ​​a cameo in the story mode of Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu, where he encounters Mizoguchi, who asks him to take to Korea. Jean agrees, but instead of taking on the aircraft, ties him on the plane until Mizoguchi falls to a Korean restaurant.

Fighting StyleEdit

His fighting style is based on gymnastics. Vega is compared for certain features (blonde hair, agility, narcissism, etc.) and also compared to Guile for green dress and two of his movements.


He's a narcissistic and arrogant, is also concerned with Feilin looks. It is also known that during Dynamite, flirting with him Yungmie, but the girl rejected by another participant. On the other hand, is thought to have a rivalry with Samchay.



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