Jinbei in Samurai Shodown Sen
Full nameJinbei Sugamata
BirthdateNovember 26, 1719; 72 years old
BirthplaceFlag of Japan.svg Amori Domain, Japan
Height167cm (5'6")
Weight58kg (128 lbs)
Blood typeA
Family/RelativesDaughter (one of the 12 people who hate Jinbei)
Job/OccupationSamurai retainer
LikesTimes of peace, Suzu
DislikesThings that are hard to bear
Special skillMeditation
Most unpleasantThe changing times
WeaponHis beloved jumonji spear of 55 years, Kongoh
Fighting styleHeavenly Spear Wielding Arts

Jinbei Sugamata (菅又刃兵衛 Sugamata Jinbei) is a character introduced in Samurai Shodown Sen.


Jinbei Sugamata was a retired warrior, that one day, rescued Suzu from the sea. He raised her until she met Takechiyo and ran away. Jinbei now searches for her.


A hardened veteran of battle, Jinbei is a traditionalist who is loyal to his lord. He has taken a liking to Suzuhime and treats her like his own daughter, which comes into conflict with his family.

Fighting StyleEdit

Jinbei uses several long-ranged attacks to corner and trap his opponents and a variety of stabbing attacks. In some ways, he fights in a similar as Jin-Emon Hanafusa.

Game AppearancesEdit