Jubei Yamada

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In BattleEdit

Fatal Fury 2Edit

Pre-Battle QuoteEdit

  • "I was called "demon" though I may not look like one. You're dead meat!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "You're far from perfect. Don't rely on power! Intelligence overcomes brute force."
  • "I still can't be beaten by youngsters."
  • "Won't you be my disciple? You can be much stronger!"
  • "There! Evil Yamada is still going strong."
  • "You're nothing but an old man. Don't strain yourself!" (Vs. Himself)


(Jubei did his victory pose after defeating Krauser)
May 15, 1993. Jubei Yamada becomes the strongest in the world.
Jubei: "It's not always good to be popular."

Fatal Fury SpecialEdit

Pre-Battle QuotesEdit

  • "Be prepared. I'm known as the demon of destruction."
  • "Quiet! You'll enjoy life as a bloody pulp." (Vs. Himself)

Win QuotesEdit

  • "For an old geezer, I'm one tough dude."
  • "Compared to me... Sorry you don't compare to me." (Vs. Geese/Krauser)


Jubei: "At this pace, I may never see 73. Oh, so what."

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