J. Carn
J. Carn in World Heroes.
Full nameJulius Carn
BirthdateFebruary 19, 1162
BirthplaceMongol Empire
Height170cm (5'7")
Weight120kg (265 lbs)
Blood typeO
Job/OccupationChampion of his people
LikesMongolian sumo wrestling, liquor, conquest, harsh things
DislikesSweet things (especially parfait), strong women
WeaponThe iron ball on his shoulder, spiky gloves
Fighting styleOriginal

J. Carn (J.カーン) is a character in the World Heroes series of fighting games.


J. Carn is the strongest fighter of the Mongolian people. He led the powerful army into many victories and conquests.


A loud person who likes to eat, fight and conquer other civilizations.


  • Explosion - By punching the ground, Carn can create a powerful explosion.

Fighting StyleEdit

Julius fights with powerful moves. He uses the spiky ball on his shoulder as a weapon and wears spiky gloves.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Inspired by Mongolian conqueror, founder and emperor of the Mongolian Empire, Genghis Khan.


  • Tairiku no Haou - World Heroes
  • Tomato Squash - World Heroes
  • Mongolian Dynamite - World Heroes 2
  • Southern Star - World Heroes 2

Game AppearancesEdit




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