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Jun Hashimoto

Jun Hashimoto (橋本 じゅん, Hashimoto Jyun; real name spelled as: 橋本 潤) is a Japanese actor and voice actor. He was born on February 25, 1964 at Higashinada-ku, Kobe. He graduated from the Osaka University of Art and is currently affiliated with Gekidan Shinkanzen (劇団☆新感線). His blood type is B.

His role for Andy was his very first role as a voice actor. He recalls being very nervous at his first recording session and was rather stiff during his first try. He learned how to project more believable deliveries after he watched Satoshi Hashimoto's active performances, who acted with his body and pantomimed certain actions for "more oomph" (ie: flinched when hit, threw punches for attacks, etc). He took the performance to heart and considered Satoshi as his mentor. When both actors were in the studio, they were often referred to as "The Double Hashimoto" pair.

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