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K′ appears in various other media that doesn't necessarily tie into his canon counterpart. He usually acts in a similar manner as his original incarnation, but he demonstrates different traits or character relationships that make him different.


Neo Geo Battle ColiseumEdit

After the destruction of NESTS, K' and his companions are content to live their days in peace. However, WAREZ has targeted them and desires to research their enhanced bodies for their own needs. Deciding to put an end to the pursuit, K' enters the tournament alone to deal with them.

In his ending, he drifts into a state of melancholy when he begins to ponder about the future battles ahead. Maxima and Kula Diamond appear to cheer him up, making him realize that at least he isn't alone for whatever obstacles he will need to face. He shares his ending illustration with Kyo Kusanagi.

Days of MemoriesEdit

K' (Days of Memories)
Full nameK'
BirthdateUnknown; 18 years old
Height183cm (6')
Weight65kg (143 lbs)
Family/RelativesMother and father (deceased)
Adoptive mother and father (fourth title)
Whip (adoptive older sister)
Kula (adoptive younger sister)
Krizalid (step-brother)
Job/OccupationFormer gang member (first and fourth title), 3rd year high school student (fourth title), Popular model and student at Seisho High Scool (seventh title)
Favorite foodBeef jerky
Forte in sportsNone (he doesn't like to exercise)

In Days of Memories, he is often acting as Kula's older brother. Since he doesn't like to reveal too many details about himself and Kula is constantly worried for him, the first protagonist mistakes him as a romantic interest for her. Although he quit the gang he was involved with, he frequently clashes with them to protect him and Kula. He continues to do so until Kula pleads him to stop hurting himself for her.

During the fourth title, he is a childhood friend of the protagonist who moved away during their time together in elementary school. Nicknaming him "Kei-kun", she recalls him as a bright and enthusiastic crybaby, who liked to play soccer with her. Although they promised to meet once more, she is surprised when he doesn't remember her when he returns to Japan during the summer break. He acts disinterested in socializing with others and usually hangs around Neo Geo World. K' stays away from his home since he hates his adoptive family, but he does treat Kula nicely and looks out for her safety. Although he likes to rough house and cause a great stir by speeding through the streets on his motorcycle, Maxima asks her to continue being nice to him since he knows his partner really appreciates her.

If she does, she learns that K' suffers from amnesia -though he privately admits that he can only remember his past with memories concerning her. He later reveals that Krizalid wanted K' and Maxima to join with him in a gang to conquer the land for their own. Naturally, he and his partner refuse but Krizalid punished K' by taking away his memories. Later in the month, Maxima is wounded and hospitalized. Knowing that Krizalid is likely behind the attack, K' pursues him to settle the score. He tells the protagonist and Kula to get lost since they would only get in the way, but he is really worried for their safety. After two uneventful days of searching by himself, he agrees to have the protagonist help him in his search. If she takes him to certain places, they'll remember their past together.

When the protagonist's friend, Kaori, is kidnapped by Krizalid the following day, K' tried to stop him but is wounded. Forgoing treatment, he pursues Krizalid together with the protagonist. Though Maxima manages to save them from Kyo clones, Krizalid holds Whip hostage and threatens to kill her if K' doesn't become his subordinate. Caring for his treasured sister, K' is ready to agree until the protagonist yells at him to stop worrying about others and care more about himself. If she is successful, Whip steps in and follows up on her claims. She apologizes for deceiving Krizalid and asks her two younger brothers to get along with one another. Krizalid offers to return K's lost memories, but he refuses since he's happy with the ones he is currently making. He spends a month remedying affairs at his home and decides to come back for the protagonist for a little joyride on his bike. He promises that he won't disappear without telling her anymore.

In his bad ending, K' refuses to believe the protagonist's words and joins Krizalid. Kula follows him, saying that they'll be unstoppable together. Maxima, who understands the girl's frustrations, promises to take care of K' for her.

During the seventh title, he is a popular model who attends an all-star academy. While he is a top star and has many fans, K' actually doesn't like modeling or dressing up for photo shoots. The main reason why he does it is because Kula dragged him into it. He seems callous and cold to his classmates, but he really does care for them. On two different occasions, he cheers up a depressed protagonist and Leona, telling them to never give up their respective dreams. He makes a brief cameo in the ninth title, but he doesn't like to do much with others.

The King of Fighters 2Edit

In the pachislot, he actually likes spying on girls from the series and rates them under a point system of attractiveness. He is also more ready to celebrate than usual.

Drama CDsEdit

The King of Fighters seriesEdit

In the The King of Fighters '99 drama CD, K' reveals that he knows Kyo since he instinctively remembers him. He states that he has always wanted to meet Kyo at least once, though he doesn't know why. He wonders if it his fate to someday fight the real Kyo. To show his strengths to his new teammates, he wins a fight over Benimaru. When the Kyo clone terrorizes the other fighters, he rescues Shingo from the clone and fights by himself. He laughs as he reveals to the other watchers that his opponent is a clone. After he prevails, Benimaru threatens that he carries a grudge for the youth and doesn't fully trust him or NESTS. K' leaves, saying that nothing has been solved yet.

During the gag bonus segment, Athena interviews him to say more about himself. K' remains uninterested and apathetic to her questions, at one point saying that he wanted to go home. A frustrated Athena explodes and blows him away with a Psycho Ball. She rants that she actually hates talking to people too and breaks character by complaining that Nezumi is an irritating and stupid name.

The 2000 drama picks up after the conclusion of the 1999 tournament. K's glove suffers damage, but he stubbornly insists that he is fine enough to continue without repair. In a dream sequence, he tells Kula that they both don't know who they really are, which causes the girl to wake up.

During the A Line story, he is intent to destroy NESTS by himself, even if it costs him his life. Meeting Whip in the city, he states that she will only get in the way of their investigation of the nearby terrorists in the area and refuses her help. It isn't until Maxima catches him in pain from his flame that the trio decide to work together. K' tries to raid the terrorist base they were after by himself, which turns out to be a NESTS hideout. After he wounds Foxy, he has a brief fight with Kula and Benimaru. Maxima catches up to him and scolds him to stop using his powers recklessly, knocking him out when K' protests. K' awakes with his glove repaired and roughly thanks his partner for saving him.

K' plays a smaller role in the Mid Summer Struggle story as he and Maxima invade the island to destroy the remnants of NESTS. K' rescues Leona and Ralf from armed thugs and leaves to regroup with Maxima. As he does, he confronts Yamazaki on the road to steal the man's car. The story cuts away but he supposedly beats the yakuza and rams the car into more brutes. He and Maxima fight them off and disappear by the time the Ikari Warriors arrive on the scene.

Neo Geo DJ StationEdit

K' is a self-proclaimed "genius gigolo" working for Yamazaki's failing idol service, Dragon Pro. While he usually acts as a sarcastic individual to his boss, he acts as a proud and flirtatious individual on the job. Speaking in a sweet and poetic voice, he overly compliments ladies with offers to "fly into his arms" and nicknames each one as "My honey". He tries to use his talents to recruit Hibiki for the studio, but she is too obsessed with Shingo to even notice him. Her obliviousness to his efforts wounds his pride as a professional and he tries in vain to have her turn his way. He doesn't consider Li Xiangfei to be a woman and therefore makes her exempt from his charming skills, hitting her or ignoring her completely.

To test that he isn't out of touch, he randomly charms a lady on the street for lunch. He convinces her that he doesn't have his wallet on him and she accepts to buy the meal. K' was ready to go with the outing, but is frustrated that his words can't penetrate Hibiki and drops the idea. When the cast are dragged into the past, they land on Mikoto and Saya in the midst of a fight. He is among the three captured by Mikoto. They fail to get back to their real time and end the drama by running around the island.

Days of MemoriesEdit

Although he personally doesn't appear, Kula calls out to him once she realizes the microphone is on. She asks for him to meet her after school so they can go somewhere. She also mentions that she wants to hang out with him again at Neo Geo World.



K' in The King of Fighters: Another Day.

He teams up with Whip, Kula, and Maxima in the third episode of The King of Fighters: Another Day. Both he and Maxima infiltrate Southtown's subway to see if they can find whereabouts for either Dr. Makishima or the rogue Kyo clone. With the task of guarding his partner's back, K' finds the job to be a bore and wants to have something exciting happen in their task. Dodging the average soldiers by riding a train, they fight Leona, Ralf, and Clark. Maxima grabs him to hop into the train operated by Whip and Kula, remarking that the incident was more than what he bargained for.




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