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Here is a list of quotes for K9999.

In BattleEdit

Kanji Romaji English Translation Notes
がっかりさせんなよ! Gaakari sasenayo! Don't disappoint me! Using Striker, special intro versus K'
うるさい, 消えろぉ! Urusai, kieroo! Shut up, get lost!
いつまで遊んでんだよォ! Itsumade asonden da yoo! Stop playing around!
あっちへいってろォ! Acchi he itteroo! Get away from me!
割れろォ! Wareroo! Break!
砕け! Kudake! Crumble!
てめぇも往っちまえ!! Temee mo icchimae!! You get lost too!
力が…勝手に…ぅわあああ!! Chikara ga...katte ni...uwaaaa!! This power's...out of control...Woaaaargh!!
これは、まるで…!! Kore wa, maru de...!! This is, as if...!!
がーきーどーも!!! Gakidomo!!! You brat!!!
ぶち殺しやるぜ! Buchikoroshi-yaru ze! I'm gonna kill you! Taunt in 2002
さ--て,  どうする? Saate, dou suru? Now, what are you gonna do? Taunt in 2001

Intro QuotesEdit

Kanji Romaji English Translation Notes
来てみろ、ハエ共! Kite miro, hae domo!Come over here, you fly!Normal intro
草薙ぃぃ!!Kusanagiii!!Kusanagi!Special intro versus Kusanagi
うるさいー! 俺に命令すんなぁ!! Urusai! Ore ni meirei sunnaa! Shut up! Do not give me orders! Special Intro versus Kula

Win QuotesEdit

Kanji Romaji English Translation Notes
風が出てきたな・・・ Kaze ga dete kita na... The winds had gone by... General Win Quote
これも・・俺の力なのか?!ハッハッハッハッハ・・・ Kore mo...ore no chikara na no ka?! Hahhahhahhahha... So this power! Hahahahaha... Win Quote 2

Defeated QuotesEdit

Kanji Romaji English Translation Notes
ちゃんとイテェじゃねぇかよぉ! Chanto itee-janee ka yoo! That didn't really hurt! General Defeated Quote
俺だっていつまでもやられてんじゃねェんだよォ! Ore datte itsumademo yarareten janeen da yoo! You can never get me matter what! Draw

The King of Fighters 2001Edit

  • "Ho, ho, ho. No one can contain my awesome power."
  • "You call yourself tough? Pah! You make me laugh."
  • "I will win. No matter what!"
  • "You're but gnats. All you traitors, you!" (vs. Hero Team)
  • "All you flashy pansies! You're just so weak." (vs. Japan Team)
  • "I will crush you. No question. (vs. K')
  • "Never show your face again." (vs. Kula)

The King of Fighters 2002Edit

  • "What's it like to lose to the conqueror of the world?"
  • "Wah, ha, ha, ha! Bow down to me, worms!" (Hold B)
  • "I don't much cotton to your use of language." (Hold C)
  • "Now confound me no more!" (vs. Angel)
  • "You peeve me off... Exceedingly so!" (vs. K')
  • "Don't look at me! You have no right!" (vs. Kula)
  • "Ah, ha! So, you're the reason for your thugs' mediocrity. (vs. Kyo)

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