Main visual for the game. Mikoshi, the girl with the pink pigtails, is the protagonist.

Kamitama (神たま), which is a pun of the common term for "God" (神様, Kami-sama), is a 2008 pachinko-slot machine developed by SNK Playmore. Like Sister Quest, the game's visuals utilizes both CG art and 3D visuals. This game, however, is advertised as an "anime viewing experience" and features more animations for the characters than previous pachinko-slot titles.


A long time ago, the gods roamed the land on their own continent, "God Country". However, the ruling god of their country is nearing his end. Before he passes away, he encases his essence in an egg and entrusts it to his granddaughter, Mikoshi Kamiya. As inheritor of the "God Egg", she must first learn the ways of her land's people in order to rightfully succeed her elder's spot in the country.


The game plays as other pachinko games from SNK except that it offers more chances to "loop" a single bet. These chances come from Mikoshi's encounters with various gods, where succeeding or failing determines how long a bet may be played. Succeeding in these events may trigger a "Mikoshi Festival" event, which has the potential to give several replay credits. Even if a player fails, they still have a chance to score 300 points if they get a triple seven and Mikoshi reel.

Stages can change through the times of the day (morning, afternoon, night) and can also trigger a "Big Bonus" or versus scenes with other gods. The Big Bonus scenarios can be a series of challenges issued for the player (like a quiz or reel result), a music video sequence with Mikoshi singing, or a scene at the hotsprings. Players can also be awarded images or ringtones for their personal cellphone if they collect enough blue dragon symbols scattered throughout the game.

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