Kaori kojiro
Kaori in The Last Blade 2. Illustration by TONKO
Full nameKaori Sanada
BirthdateMarch 2, 1834
BirthplaceFlag of Japan.svg Japan
Height170 cm (5'7")
Weight48 kg (106 lbs.)
Family/RelativesFather, mother, Kojiroh Sanada (older brother, deceased)
Job/Occupation"Kojiroh Sanada"
LikesHer brother's headband, kake soba (hot soba in broth topped with thinly sliced scallion)
WeaponShrike (百舌, Mozu), a katana
Fighting styleSpontaneous True Spirit Style: Shrike (天然理心流「百舌」, Tennen Rishin-Ryū: Mozu)

Kaori Sanada (真田 香織, Sanada Kaori) is a 28-year old character from The Last Blade series. She is symbolized by her headband and her official slogan is "Shadow Wolf": 壬生の陰狼.

She is voiced by Satomi Nakatani.


After Kojiroh dies investigating “Hell’s Gate”, Kaori disguises herself as him, using his identity in order to investigate the evils within, as well as to restore the faith in the Shinsengumi. She also travels to finish off the zombie form of former Shinsengumi, Mukuro. Washizuka is the only known person to know her true identity.


Like her brother, Kaori is very serious and loyal to the Shinsengumi. She is dedicated in her beliefs, working through her loss with her strong will power.


  • Energy Projectile - Kaori can fire a projectile of energy from her sword.
  • Energy Attacks - Kaori can fuel her sword with ki energy.
  • Fast Slashing - Kaori can deliver several slashes almost at the same time.

Fighting StyleEdit

Tennen Rishin-ryū was a real fighting style and the fighting style of the Shinsengumi. It uses various horizontal and vertical slashes. Her execution of the style is different than Washizuka's in speed and strength. She isn't a "charger" for her moves and is more of a motion character.

Because of this, Kaori can easily breeze through characters, whether in Power, by sheer combos into special attacks, or Speed and EX by mixing up combos and special moves. What sets her apart from Washizuka is attack variations that involves throwing, quick lunges and an easier way to zone through her projectiles.

Her DM delivers lots of chipping damage, something that gives her unfair advantage over opponents. and like with Washizuka, has some unblockable attacks too, that unfortunately takes too much time to set up to be usable.

Game AppearancesEdit


Kaori card (as Kojiroh) in Card Fighters Clash DS.

Mobile AppearancesEdit


Kaori sprite


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