Karakuri Hanma
Karakuri Hanma in Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage.
Full nameKarakuri Hanma
Blood typeUnknown
Job/OccupationBodyguard of Yukihime
WeaponA mechanical gauntlet, various shooting arms

Karakuri Hanma (カラクリ分身壱号, Karakuri Bushin Ichigo) is a character who is exclusive to the Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage. He is considered to be a different character than his Slash form, Hanma Yagyu. His name suggests that he is the first mechanism of his type made by Hanma.


Karakuri Hanma was created by Hanma to ensure the safety of Yukihime. However, in his overzealousness, he had made a mistake in the programming and eventually runs amok. Realizing what occurred, Hanma was forced to destroy his creation and come to her rescue.


Karakuri Hanma is a robot with little to no emotion.


Information needed.

Fighting StyleEdit

Karakuri relies on his cannon for long-range combat. For close-range combat, he relies on his flamethrower and his upper body's ability to perform humanly impossible spinning attacks. He can intercept his opponent's attacks by catching their weapons in his teeth. For a short amount of time, he can drill underground and damage any who come too close. His super move reveals more weapons: hidden machine guns in his arms, and a giant cannon inside his torso.

He also can enlarge his body parts (arms, legs, head) during certain attacks.

Similar Characters Edit

Game AppearancesEdit


  • All names of his attacks are puns, composed from combinations of kanji that sound like specific english words. Thus every attack name has two meanings (one derived from kanji, and one from english word meaning).

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