Karman Cole

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In Battle Edit

Art of Fighting 3 Edit

Story Mode Edit

8th Day: Wyler

(Karman is walking through the Graveyard, until he sees Wyler)
Wyler: "Hey, who're you?"
Karman: "I am looking for Robert Garcia. Is he here?"
Wyler: "Heck if I know. I don't like your attitude. You're just in time to be in my experiment."
(Wyler drinks the elixir and turns into a superhuman form)
Karman: "What is this? Is this a circus act?"

Final Day: Robert Garcia

Karman: "The escape is over."
Robert: "Can't return now, Karman."
Karman: "Now, Robert. It's over!"
Robert: "Karman, nothing will change my mind. I'll fight you to do what I must!"
Karman: "Have it your way!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Yes, still fit and young!"
  • "I can't believe you've pressured me so much... I was sweating bullets."
  • "Hope you got a good lesson!"
  • "Try again, pal!"

Ending Edit

Karman: "You're tougher than ever, Bob! By the way, I've heard you have come here looking for someone."
Robert: "Yeah, but now that you found me, I can't even finish what I started. I was so close..."
Karman: "Stop whining. The tough little boy I knew would never say anything like that."
Robert: "Why you!"
Karman: "That's better. Well, I now know where you are. There's some time before returning to the country. Robert, if you have to finish something, on your way!"
Robert: "Karman... Thanks."
(Robert leaves and continues his search for Freia)
Karman: "For some reason, I'm always allowing him to get away with things. I just can't kick the habit."
(Karman picks up his cellphone)
Karman: "Hello? Yes, I've found Robert. I understand, Madam. I shall tell Master Albert as you say."
(Karman hangs up his cellphone)
Karman: "Hmmm, she is so harsh at times. She should come visit if she is so close by... How Robert has matured! Kyokugenryu Karate, you have come in to contact with great art...Robert..."

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