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Artwork from Fighter's History Dynamite
Full nameJinborov Karnovski
BirthdateDecember 25, 1944;
49 years old (FH)
50 years old (FHD)
51 years old (Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!!)
BirthplaceFlag of Russia.svg Russia
Height167 cm (5' 6") (FH)
180 cm (5' 11") (FHD)
Weight98 kg (216 lbs) (FH)
135 kg (298 lbs) (FHD)
Blood typeA
Family/RelativesNone Known
Job/Occupation"The God of Battle"
LikesTreasure, power, ladders
DislikesChallengers who never learn from their mistakes
Fighting style?

Karnov (カルノフ, Karunofu) is the main antagonist of the Fighter's History series. He is also the same protagonist from one of Data East's earlier titles, Karnov, and he made numerous cameo appearances in other Data East video games, such as Bad Dudes vs. DragonNinja, and Trio the Punch: Never Forget Me.... His appearances in Fighter's History, however, are not an extension of these games and should be counted as a separate continuity.


Karnov is a feared and wealthy man of power. He is a known collector of ancient and powerful artifacts, most of which were either earned as awards or gained through theft. Bored of his life of peace and wanting to find a new challenge, he hosts the "Great Grapple" tournament for the world's fighters and offers his fortune as the prize.


A warrior who only respects others of his kind, Karnov is a hardened veteran of battle.


  • Fire-breathing: Karnov can spit flames from his mouth.
  • Expand: Karnov can expand the width of his belly to flatten opponents.



  • Karnov - Fighter's History Dynamite

His theme is an arrangement of the same theme in his origin game.

Game AppearancesEdit



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