Kasumi Todoh

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In Battle Edit

Japanese English Translation
Onegai shimasu! Please face me now!
Ikimasu! Here I come!
Madda madda! Not yet!
Motto honki de koi! Come at me with your true strength!
Honki de kite kudesai! Show me your true strength!
Chou Kasane Ate Great Piled Forced Strike
Toudou-ryuu Ougi! Todoh-style Secret Technique!
Matta kachi mashi ta! I won again!
Kona yatsuni makeru nan te! How could I lose to you!
  • "Ahahahahaha!"
  • "Come back when you grow up!"

Art of Fighting 3 Edit

Story Mode Edit

8th Day: Wyler

Wyler: "What are you doing! How dare you enter my land."
Kasumi: "Talk little slower, don't know meaning..."
Wyler: "I can't have people finding out about this place. I'm sorry, but I must eradicate you."
(Wyler drinks the elixir and turns into his superhuman form)
Kasumi: "What's going on?"
Wyler: "Death awaits you!"

Final Day: Ryo Sakazaki

Kasumi: "Wait just a minute!"
(Kasumi checks her book)
Kasumi: "Yup, no mistake."
(Kasumi kneels down and introduces herself)
Kasumi: "Kasumi Todoh my name. From Japan I come, I seek Ryo Sakazaki..."
Ryo: "It's alright. I understand Japanese. What's up?"
Kasumi: "Oh!... After losing to you, my father disappeared. Where is my father?"
Ryo: "You're the daughter of that Kobudo pop? Sorry, but I don't know where he is."
Kasumi: "There is no use playing dumb! I'll find out where my father is, even if I must defeat you! Prepare yourself... Ready!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "You possess great power. We must fight again!"
  • "That was a tough one!"
  • "You can never beat me, pal!"
  • "Hit the showers! Go practice somewhere else."

Ending Edit

Kasumi: "Pant, pant, Ryo Sakazaki. This is the end. Yaaa!"
(Kasumi prepares for her finishing blow)
?: "That's enough!"
(Out of nowhere, Kasumi's mother, Mizuho Todoh, appeared to stop her)
Kasumi: "Mother! Let me end it now!"
Mizuho: "Kasumi, I understand your feelings for your father. But, leaving the house unannounced is punishable."
Kasumi: "But, mother!"
(Mizuho slaps Kasumi)
Mizuho: "Stop your disobedience, right now. You must no longer foul our family name."
Kasumi: "Oh, mother! Forgive me!"
(Mizuho then walks to Ryo)
Mizuho: "Ryo, forgive my spirited child."
Ryo: "Hey, no problem here."
Mizuho: "I have witnessed the true power of Kyokugenryu. My husband Ryuhaku is training himself in another corner of the world to fight with you again. Come visit Japan."
Ryo: "I understand and shall do so."
Mizuho: "Kasumi, let us leave now."
Kasumi: "Yes, mother."
Ryo: "What's wrong?"
(Kasumi gives Ryo her headband)
Kasumi: "I shall give this to you, to prove that I shall fight you once more. I shall return to face you, to take possession of the headband. Will you fight me again?"
Ryo: "I'll be waiting."
Kasumi: "You promise?"
Ryo: "Of course."
Kasumi: "Absolutely? You're serious?"
Ryo: "Yes! I'm serious!"
Kasumi: "Really! Cross your heart?"
Ryo: "......"
Kasumi: "Because next time..."
Mizuho: "Kasumi, hush!"
Kasumi: "Yes, mother."

The King of Fighters '96Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "To win, believe in yourself. But I think you're hopeless!"
  • "Someday,everyone will know Todo! No,not the dog!"
  • "I think you should apologize for your poor performance!"

The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match Edit

Win Quote Edit

  • "Win, win, and win! Victories will lead to reunite with Father!"

The King of Fighters '99 Edit

Special Intros Edit

Japanese English Translation
Kyokugen-ryuu: Kaku go shite morai masu! Warriors of the Art of Kyokugen-ryuu: Prepare to be defeated!*
Techou nanka miruna! Don't you look at that memo!**

*intro vs. Art of Fighting Team (Ryo, Robert, Yuri, and Takuma)

**intro vs. Shingo

Win Quote Edit

  • "The way of Todoh prevails! The martial arts! They kick!"

The King of Fighters 2000 Edit

Win Quote Edit

  • "All my moves are superb! I can withstand any attack."

Lose Quote Edit

  • "A foreseeable fluke. But I'm not through!"

The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited MatchEdit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "D'ja see that? I Todohlly rule!"

The King of Fighters XI Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "I gave all I got. A great victory for the Todoh Way!"
  • "I read you like an airport novel. The Way of Todoh is the way of insight!"
  • "Now I'll have you tell me! Where's my father?"
  • "The honor of the Todoh School is in my hands, me, the daughter of Ryuhaku!"
  • "The Way of Kisaragi. Impressive! Let's destroy Kyokugen together, shall we?" (Vs. Eiji)
  • "Y-You could be... my father's love child?!" (Vs. Herself)
  • "Kyokugen Karate? Kasumi Todoh's terminated it!" (Vs. Ryo)
  • "Your moves are an insult to Kyokugen! Bring me the real thing!" (Vs. Yuri)

SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos Edit

Pre-Battle Dialogue Edit


Akuma: "Young lady...walk away. You needn't die so young.
Kasumi: "Do not insult me! The power of Todoh cannot pale to yours!"
Akuma: "...Very well. No mercy. These fists of destruction will dispose of you."
Kasumi "A suitable opponent to prove the power of Todoh! Begin!"


Kasumi: "...Where am I?"
Athena: "Huh? A human in a place like this? ..."
Kasumi: "Hmm. This is your doing? Prepare...yourself!"
Athena: "Uh...excuse me. Wait."


Balrog: "Oh, ho, young lady. From whence do you wander in from?"
Kasumi: "Release my hand."
Balrog: "Very nice. And so slim. How about you and me...?"
Kasumi: "You foul little man! ...Defend yourself!"

Choi Bounge

Kasumi: "What gives? Aren't you Kim's..."
Choi: "Curses! Curses! Don't tell Kim about this, ok, tootsie?"
Kasumi: "Hmm. Something's fishy."
Choi: "N-no. Anyway... Shush! Eh, tootsie?"


Chun-Li: "(Nice legs. She must tell me her secret.)"
Kasumi: "Huh? Menace! Yah!"
Chun-Li: "Yeek! What's your problem?"
Kasumi: "Silence! You tried to ambush me. I read your thoughts."
Chun-Li: "Hold on. I was just noticing your legs and... Uh, oh!"
Kasumi: "You dare insult me! Defend yourself!"

Dan Hibiki

Kasumi: "What? Robert Garcia! Defend yourself! I'll avenge you, father!"
Dan: "No! No! No! I'm Dan Hibiki. OK? Get it right!"
Kasumi: "It's useless to feign innocence. Defend yourself!"

Demitri Maximoff

Kasumi: "You! My father's blood... Now he's a zombie... Wandering around! Fiend!
Demitri: "Uh, excuse me, I don't drink male blood..."
Kasumi: "No, don't play dumb! Defend yourself!"


Kasumi: "Your appendages stretch? Will wonders never cease?"
Dhalsim: "The miracles of Yoga. With a little practice, you can do the same."
Kasumi: "Are you serious? Then, enlighten me."
Dhalsim: "Very well. Assume your stance!"


Kasumi: "P.U.! What stinks?"
Earthquake: "Stinks? Eat this! Arrgh!"
Kasumi: "Th-that nose! Prepare yourself, piggy!"

Geese Howard

Kasumi: "I am Kasumi, daughter of Ryuhaku Todoh. Defend yourself, Geese!"
Geese: "Hmph. I've met this daughter of a fly before..."
Kasumi: "My father's been here? Am I a tough enough martial artist yet? But I must not show my Achilles' heel in front of my enemy!"
Geese: "You're a spunky one. OK. I'll oblige you. Bring it on, fly!"

Genjuro Kibagami

Kasumi: "Ooh. What gloom."
Genjuro: "Oh-ho! You are an observant wench."
Kasumi: "Backstabbing fiend! Prepare yourself!"


Kasumi: "A priest? I'm a Buddhist. And... That suits me just fine."
Goenitz: "Oh no, my child. I don't seek converts. However..."
Kasumi: "...You seek a fight?!"
Goenitz: "Hoo, hoo, hoo. A good wind blows... This will be done!"


Kasumi: "Hey, you there! Where's my father?"
Guile: "Beats me. What're you yammering about?"
Kasumi: "Hmm. Guess you're sworn to secrecy. But please, tell me."
Guile: "I'm really sorry. But I'm clueless. Pack it in, sister."
Kasumi: "You still refuse after my entreaties? Very well then, Jarhead!"
Guile: "What're you doing?!"


Kasumi 1: "A poor impersonation of the Todoh way..."
Kasumi 2: "You're the phoney!"
Kasumi 1: "Prepare yourself...uh...myself?!"


Kasumi: "So you're the culprits! Forcing my father into pro wrestling..."
Poison: "Huh? What'd this chick say? Do you know her?"
Hugo: "Never seen her before. Maybe she's related to some clown we moidelized?"
Kasumi: "I'll jog your memories. Defend yourself."

Iori Yagami

Iori: "...Pathetic."
Kasumi: "How dare you insult the way of the Todoh! You'll take that back!"

Ken Masters

Kasumi: "Disciple of Kyokugen! Defend yourself!"
Ken: "Hey, wait! Wait! I've got nothing to do with that Keeyokugen!"
Kasumi: "Hmm. A closer look... Oops. Excuse my rashness."
Ken: "But I'll be able to use that move I saw. What disciple are you?"
Kasumi: "I'm a disciple of Todoh."
Ken: "Is that so? How about it? Let's spar a little."
Kasumi: "I don't spar. I battle for keeps!"
Ken: "Very well! Let's do it!"

Kim Kaphwan

Kasumi: "Greetings, Kim! It's been a while."
Kim: "Oh, Miss Todoh... Care for a little match, do you?"
Kasumi: "Sounds good to me."

Kyo Kusanagi

Kyo: "Well, well, well. So, you're in KOF, too..."
Kasumi: "Kasumi Todoh, here. Are you up for it?"
Kyo: "What? Just like that?"

M. Bison

Bison: "Hey, there, young lady. You know well the ways of the warrior, I see."
Kasumi: "You have a keen eye. I am a Todoh disciple... And who may you be?"
Bison: "Interesting. If I temper her with my Killer Bees, she'll be quite useful."
Kasumi: "Another villain! Defend yourself!"

Mai Shiranui

Kasumi: "Oh, Mai... Keeping fit as ever, I see."
Mai: "Love is the secret."
Kasumi: "...Love. Hard love, right?"
Mai: "Hey! Just what are you hinting at? These are real!"
Kasumi: "What? Huh?"

Mars People

Kasumi: "Wow! An alien. G, greetings."
Mars People: "Beep boop boop bop!"
Kasumi: "I-it looks angry!"
Mars People: "Beep boop!"

Mr. Karate

Kasumi: "Oh, Takuma Sakazaki. Who are you trying to fool with the mask?!"
Mr. Karate: "Takuma Sakazaki? Hah! Why I'm Mr. Karate!"
Kasumi: "You can't fool me! Prepare yourself...Tak...uh...Mr. Karate!"

Orochi Iori

Kasumi: ""OOH-WHOAAAA." What does that mean? Where's my father?"
Kasumi: "Still playing dumb? Then defend yourself!"

Red Arremer

Kasumi: "Hey, red guy! Where's my father?"
Red Arremer: "Gyah, gyah!"
Kasumi: "It's useless to feign innocence. Defend yourself!"

Ryo Sakazaki

Kasumi: "Ah! Ryo Sakazaki!"
Ryo: "Oh, Todoh."
Kasumi: "My father'll be avenged! Prepare yourself, Sakazaki!"


Kasumi: "Eee-yah! Hah!"
Ryu: "Oh, a Todoh disciple!"
Kasumi: "Who are you?"
Ryu: "Oh, forgive me. I heard you training."
Kasumi: "You'll pay for barging in on my secret exercises!"
Ryu: "........."
Kasumi: "Disciple of Todoh, Kasumi Todoh. I challenge you!"


Kasumi: "Cough it up! Where's my father?"
Sagat: "What chatter is this? You have the wrong man."
Kasumi: "You dare act stupid? Defend yourself!"


Kasumi: "Oh, it's you? Have you seen my father?"
Shiki: "...."
Kasumi: "Hm. With that attitude, I bet you know something. It's useless to deny it. Prepare yourself!"

Shin Akuma

Kasumi: "A d-demon! And here I am with no talisman..."
Akuma: "Destroy!"

Serious Mr. Karate

Kasumi: "I knew it all along. Takuma Sakazaki! You're the ringleader!"
Mr. Karate: "I'm not Takuma Sakazaki! I'm Mr. Karate!"
Kasumi: "It's useless to feign innocence. Defend yourself!"

Terry Bogard

Kasumi: "Where's my father? If you have hidden him, you'll pay!"
Terry: "Are you talking about that antique, Todoh? Haven't seen him."
Kasumi: "Hmph! Prepare yourself, Terry!"


Kasumi: "It's you then! The fortune teller with the bizarre vestments."
Tessa: "Time for introductions. I am no fortune teller. I'm a sorcerologist."
Kasumi: "Huh? Are you crazy? Whatever it is called, it's all Tommy-rot!"
Tessa: "I pity you. Calling that you can't grasp, "Tommy-rot.""
Kasumi: "Hmm. Enough! Tell me where my father is, now!"
Tessa: "Very well... But in your quest for someone... You need catalysts not found in this world. In the first place..."
Kasumi: "Enough prattling! Tell me my fortune or...defend yourself!"
Tessa: "...Oh good grief!"


Vega: "Ooh-hoo-hoo. Such clean beauty. Not too shabby."
Kasumi: "What're you looking at?"
Vega: "The future: Your whimpering self, sliced, diced and Julienne fried."
Kasumi: "You really do have the heart of a demon... Then feel the sting of Kasumi Todoh! Defend yourself, OK...?"

Violent Ken

Kasumi: "What's wrong? Are you okay? Where's my father?"
Ken: "OOH-WHOAAAA. Who is that...?'re dead!"
Kasumi: "Lend someone a kind ear and this is the thanks you get! Defend yourself!"


Ciel: "(Zero! Beware!)"
Zero: "Unh!"
Kasumi "Muttering sissy! Come on! I'll beat some courage into you."
Zero: "...Hopeless..."

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Huff, puff... y-you're nothing... special...whew!"
  • "Now, answer me. Where is my father?"
  • "Father, where are you...?"
  • "The Todoh way's invincible!"
  • "I read kyokugen like a book!" (Vs. Dan/Mr. Karate/Ryo/Serious Mr. Karate)


Kasumi: "Yes! I have protected the honor of the way of Todoh! Well, then... Now all I have to do is find father post haste. Oooooh."
Ryuhaku: "Kasumi!... You were magnificent. I'm so proud! You have matured into a real fighter."

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