Kazuhiro Takeshita (竹下 和広, Takeshita Kazuhiro) is a game creator and representative of several game companies. He joined SNK in 1988 and was put in charge of the European office. When the company went bankrupt, he moved to Sammy in 2000 as the representative for the European branch. Four years later, he became Japan's representative for Acclaim and he is now the current representative of Japan's Ignition Entertainment Limited. He has vast experience with the Neo-Geo consoles (including the hand-held Neo-Geo Pocket), Atomiswave, and various other consumer products.

Like Macha Yusa, he was present at several location testings and conferences regarding The King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown series, both overseas and in Japan. Mr. Oka (former Japanese representative for SNK) and him often worked together to send back the feedback needed for these series.

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