Kentei Mezase! (検定 めざせ!), roughly translated as "Aim for that official certificate!", is a series of quiz games for SNK fans on the Japanese IMode and Yahoo networks. Each game contains various questions that the player must answer in order to proceed onto the next level. Each lesson is divided into six segments with 50 possible questions for the subject matter at hand. The navigator for both titles is an avatar version of Dr. Neo Geo.


KOF KenteiEdit

KOF Kentei ~ Mezase Cult Quiz Ou! (KOF検定 めざせカルトクイズ王!) is a trivial pursuit based on The King of Fighters series. The objective for this game is to become the "king" of obscure facts regarding the series. This idea is very similar to the group quiz sections in the KOF Year-End Party and the company's events at the Tokyo Game Show. Easier levels challenge the players to remember gameplay notes, quotes, or special introductions for certain characters. Harder levels will go further back into the series's history. There are eight lessons to complete with a total of 400 questions.

Aside from the main series, questions can also stem from the series's drama CDs, Neo Geo Freak novels, miscellaneous development info, and the alternate universe series like the Maximum Impact and EX games. Additionally, out of universe merchandise is also included on the later levels where BOF and Neo Geo DJ Station are mentioned.

NeoGeo KenteiEdit

Neo Geo Kentei Mezase! Saikyo Quiz Fighter (NEO GEO検定 めざせ!最強クイズファイター) expands the subject to other SNK titles. Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, Metal Slug, The Last Blade, Buriki One, and other franchises are included in this batch. Trivia also includes questions regarding the Neo Geo Pocket titles and the history for the ports of each game. Drama CD notes, alternate universe titles, and Neo Geo Freak info is also compiled into the challenge. The goal is to stump the doctor's challenge and prove that the player knows more than him. There are nine lessons to complete with a total of 450 possible questions.

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