Kim (the tiny cat) and Magic Cat (the mecha) in Twinkle Star Sprites
Full nameKim
BirthdateFebruary 29; 65,536 years old
BirthplaceCat Mountain
Blood type?
Family/RelativesDo Edge (son)
Job/OccupationLegendary wizard
LikesYoung girls
WeaponMagic Cat
For other uses, see Kim (disambiguation).

Kim is a character in Twinkle Star Sprites. He is known as Do Kesubei (ド・ケスベイ) in Japan, a pun on the word "Huge Pervert" (Do Sukebe). His official nickname is "The Cat Wizard".


Kim is a revered mage of the land and Rabbicat's mentor. When he's not inventing new magic or technology, Kim spends his days being an overall pervert. His wish for Twinkle Star is to look younger again. Although his wish is supposedly granted, Kim's appearance remains the same and he's pleased by the results.


A lecherous but wise sage. He likes to test his students now and then.


  • Flight - Kim can fly using his magic-powered robot.
  • Magic Cat - Under certain conditions, Kim can hurl Magic Cat's fists to his opponents. He can also send Magic Cat to terrorize the other side of the field.


Game AppearancesEdit

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