Kim Dong Hwan

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In BattleEdit

"Iku ze!" - "Here I come!"

"Onii-san, Kochi da!" - " Big bro, over here!"

"Hajimeru ze!" - "It is begun!"

Garou: Mark of the WolvesEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "I have a thing for blonds. It must be a complex, huh?" (Vs. B. Jenet)
  • "You tough guy! Were you a cockroach in a former life?" (Vs. Butt)
  • "Wow, I wish I could bend like that!" (Vs. Freeman)
  • "Yaah! What a scary mug! I hate guys like this!" (Vs. Gato)
  • "I don't mind imitation, but I expect royalties!" (Vs. Himself)
  • "Beating up a kid. I'm so immature!" (Vs. Hokutomaru)
  • "With babes like you around, fighting sure's gotten fun!" (Vs. Hotaru)
  • "You must know how an ant feels, groveling like that." (Vs. Kevin)
  • "I'll keep this a secret, but you practice poses, right?" (Vs. Rock)
  • "I got my own moves, pal. I'm not my dad, am I?" (Vs. Terry)
  • "Hey, hey! Give us a "Cock-a-doodle-doo!"" (Vs. Tizoc)
  • "It ain't Halloween, pal! What's with the mask?" (Vs. Grant (player controlled))
  • "All that conceit... I bet you're eating your heart out!" (Vs. Kain (player controlled))

Vs. Kim Jae HoonEdit


Dong Hwan: "You made it to the semifinals! That's my bro!"
Jae Hoon: "Natch! I work my butt off! Unlike a certain someone..."
Dong Hwan: "So what! I win without practice. Enough prattle. Bring it on, bro!"


Dong Hwan: "Well? My genius is proven again. I'm too good for practice!"
Jae Hoon: "...I lost. You're great... But it's the finals next. Watch yourself!"
Dong Hwan: "Yeah, I know! Away I go!"

Vs. GrantEdit


Dong Hwan: "W, what is this?"
?: "An interesting man... But...your moves are too unique. Before my Dark Karate, you're way too vulnerable."
Dong Hwan: "Hmph. That means so much coming from some guy... ...cringing in the shadows. Show yourself, Mr. Spooky!"
Grant: "I am Grant... The Martyr of Might... Now show me your awesome power... me all you have."


Grant: "Unbelievable! You've got all the moves!"
Dong Hwan: "Heh, sorry about that. Facing chumps like you's fun."
Grant: "You're a piece of work, kid. Later, punk. Goodbye, Kain!"

Vs. Kain R. HeinleinEdit

Pre-Final Battle

?: "To think Grant lost... His power's the real thing. Or maybe?..."
Dong Hwan: "No way! You're Kain? You look like a queen. Arise, noble subjects. Enter the beautiful queen!"
Kain: "A joker, to the last. You're certainly no knight. You'll eat your words!"
Dong Hwan: "If I'm wrong, then what's up with the big palace?"
Kain: "This palace is part of my ideal society, I guess. A world of the mighty, who know what living is! And all weaklings without my lofty ideals, shall die!"
Dong Hwan: "...Oooh, I'm real scared. A poof with an attitude!"
Kain: "I don't need anyone's understanding, you ant! Just results. And your spleen!"


Kain: "Am I beaten?..."
Dong Hwan: "...Didn't I tell you? The self-absorbed are lost!"
Kain: "Thanks for the sermon, but I won't yield my ideals! A willfull life is fine, if one loses not what's important."
(Kain's palace starts crumbling)
Kain: "...Well...cut it clear... ...your path of life!"
(Kain's palace explodes, leaving his fate unknown)


Jae Hoon: "Gee, that was really close!"
Dong Hwan: "Whew, I am spent. I need to crash a few days."
Jae Hoon: "He was one tough dude! Scary, huh, Dong Hwan? Hey, Dong Hwan! Huh?"
Dong Hwan: "ZZZ...ZZZZ..."
Jae Hoon: "Geez, Dong Hwan. Here? ...Oh well. Talk about cool customers. All this hasn't even fazed Dong Hwan's the greatest! But he's also my rival! He may be the toughest now, but one day I'll surpass him!"
Dong Hwan: "ZZZZ...ZZZZ..."
Jae Hoon: "You big, lazy loser hothead!"
Dong Hwan: "...Hothead? Who?"
Jae Hoon: "Who, me?"
Dong Hwan: "Who's a hothead, Jae?"
Jae Hoon: "Uh, were you awake?"
Dong Hwan: "From the rival part... Rival, my patooty!..."
Jae Hoon: "D-Dong Hwan... Calm down, pal!"
Dong Hwan: "Hey, get back here, runt!"
Jae Hoon: "Yikes! I was kidding! Dong Hwan, I'm sorry!"