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Kim hye-ryen
Hae-Ryeong in Samurai Shodown Sen
Full nameHae-Ryeong Kim
BirthdateJune 30, 1763; 24 years old
BirthplaceCountry lead by the Joseon Dynasty (Korea)
Height175cm (5'9")
Weight64kg (141 lbs)
Blood typeB
Family/RelativesFather, mother, Kim Kaphwan (possible descendant)
LikesPeople's smiling faces, when people live peacefully
HobbiesTraining, wandering
Special skillHe can sense the smell of evil
Most unpleasantWhen his opponents justify their goals (and they're right)
WeaponA double edge pike
Fighting styleBōjutsu

Hae-Ryeong Kim, usually written surname first as Kim Hae-Ryeong (キム・ヘリョン, Kimu Herion Korean:김해령), is a character introduced in Samurai Shodown Sen. Although his name, looks, origins and personality are very similar to Kim Kaphwan, it's yet to be revealed if the two are related. His official nickname is "the man born under the phoenix". Due to the Japanese pronunciation, his name was initially translated as Kim Hye-Ryen.


Hae-Ryeong is a Korean warrior who has defeated many evil doers in the name of justice. He travels to Japan as an emissary where he witnesses Angelica killing an assassin. He decides to go after her, sensing the great evil surrounding her. In his ending, he spots her but realizes that she no longer has a killing intent. Convinced that people can change for the better, Hae-Ryeong leaves her alone and proceeds on his journey. In Japanese version ending is similar to English version much, but Hae-Ryeong and Angelica get married is different.


A hero in the name of justice who falters when criminals reason with him. He wants to follow in his father's footsteps and work for the good of others. He seems to be somewhat self-righteous, as he dislikes it when his opponents justify their actions

Fighting StyleEdit

Hae-Ryeong's fighting style is an amalgam of Kim Sue Il and Kim Kaphwan's techniques. He is a quick technique character who can perform his versions of Hienzan, Hishou Kyaku, Rangetsuzan and Ho'ou Kyaku. He wields a double-edge pike that he uses to combo with spinning attacks and several types of kicks.

His attacks are named after Four Divine Beasts and Houou (Chinese phoenix), as well as several other animals and birds (namely deer, tiger, wolf, crane, hawk and swallow).

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