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King Leo

Here is a list quotes for King Leo

Savage ReignEdit

In BattleEdit

Situation Quote
Win pose 2 HAHAHAHAHA!
Defeat Oooouuuuu!...
Defeat 2 I ... Never... Loooss...

Neo Geo Battle ColiseumEdit

In BattleEdit

  • "Silent Storm!"
  • "Dynamite!"
  • "Earth Chopper!"
  • "King Straight!"
  • "Hyaku nen hayai wa!" - "A hundred years too early!"
  • "Mi no hodo wo shirei!" - "Learn your place!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "I am the mightiest monarch of all! Feel honored to fall at my hands, and in so doing create my legend!"
  • "You tremble in my presence, do you? What other reaction could you have?"
  • "Miserable mob. Grovel before your true king!"
  • "Your fury's an awesome force! Use it to your advantage! Meet me in the Battle of Beasts!"
  • "Ho, ho! I've seen you before! ...Very well! From today, you serve as my double!" (vs. King Lion)
  • "That is one mighty, nasty sword; it’s only fitting that you relinquish it to me." (vs. Haohmaru/Genjuro)
  • "A wolf is not fit to be king of beasts. Know your place in the natural order!" (vs. Terry)
  • "I was hoping to see the essence of Kyokugen Karate. Not today, I guess." (vs. Mr. Karate II)