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King Lion
King Lion in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
Full nameJack Abbot
BirthdateSeptember 3; 29 years old (Kizuna Encounter)
BirthplaceCanada Canada
Height205cm (6'9")
Weight128kg (282 lbs)
Blood typeO
Family/RelativesMother (hasn't seen her in years now)
LikesHis strength; ambition, photograph of his lover
Dislikes"Nothing in particular" (in reality, he doesn't like to be confused with "his imposter")
HobbiesBodybuilding, drinking in bars, training to get to the top
Favorite foodOatmeal
Forte in sportsHe can do anything
Special skillHe has an excellent vocal range
WeaponSword of Leo, a broadsword
Fighting styleBoxing and Kenjutsu

King Lion (獅子王, Shishiou), is a character of the Savage Reign series. He is voiced by Masaru Naka and Kōji Suidzu.


He is the impersonator of King Leo. He participates in the tournament on the latter's orders and uses the name King Lion as an element of intimidation. However, he really wants to take the city for himself and plans to overthrow the original crime lord. In his ending to the games, he takes over the futuristic city with an iron fist.


He is prideful and confident in his "perfect" record of victories. He wants to gain glory for his girlfriend and mother.


  • Energy Attacks: King Lion can infuse his weapon, punches and kicks with ki energy. His sword will sometimes project the image of a lion.

Fighting StyleEdit

He fights with a broadsword and his own version of boxing. He is a toned down version of the original.


  • I'm No Shadow Warrior - Savage Reign

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