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King of Dinosaurs
Full nameUnknown (King of Dinosaurs is his ring name)
BirthdateApril 25
BirthplaceMexico Mexico
Blood typeO
Family/RelativesTizoc (alter ego)
LikesLegendary Beast Masks
DislikesMeteorites, ice ages, plagues
Favorite foodParasaurolophus (such as Beefs)
Forte in sportsTriathlons
Fighting stylePro Wrestling + Dinosaur Fighting

King of Dinosaurs (キング・オブ・ダイナソー), or Dinosaur for short, is a new character from The King of Fighters XIV. When the director, Yasuyuki Oda, came by with a drawing of a Dino-wrestler, Eisuke Ogura and the other developers immediately wanted to use it for the new game. Ogura insists that King of Dinosaurs is not Tizoc - though it was eventually revealed in Mexico Team's ending that he was in fact Tizoc in disguise, trying to act as a heel for personal reasons.

He is voiced by Hikaru Hanada.

Story Edit

King of Dinosaurs is a heel wrestler who wears a tyrannosaurus mask. He used to be Tizoc until his harsh defeat against a certain boxer. In order to avenge his loss and knowing the risk of displeasing his fans to settle the score, he changed his persona.

Personality Edit

Dinosaur is a fierce man with a primal attitude. With his heel gimmick, he's also shown to be fearless with animal-like prowess as well. Despite his attitude, he seems to having trouble pinning down his new persona.

Powers Edit

  • Ignore Weight: The King of Dinosaurs can lift anyone heavier than him.

Skills Edit

Fighting Style Edit

Dinosaur's fighting style is a twist of Pro Wrestling that's grapple-focused, with many dynamic and crushing hold attacks including a highly exaggerated Hurricanranna, piledriver, and a charging attack among others. Unlike his old persona Tizoc however, majority of his moves are more feral and ruthless including that he uses his teeth, and uses his claws to scratch the opponent in certain moves.


  • Sky Blue - The King of Fighters XIV

Game AppearancesEdit


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