Kizudarake no Blue Moon (傷だらけのブルームーン), which translates as "Wounded Blue Moon" or "Banged up Blue Moon", is a 1986 image song for Psycho Soldier. It was supposed to be the vocalized ending theme though it apparently didn't make the cut for the game. As such, it is dubbed the phantom ending by Japanese fans since it can only be heard through various musical discs. It is originally sung by Kaori Shimizu and the lyrics were composed by Eikichi Kawasaki.

It is mentioned in the Psycho Soldier Team's backstory in The King of Fighters '99 as the opening song for one of Athena's concerts. A revised version of the theme was also performed by Haruna Ikezawa for the PS2 port of The King of Fighters XI. This version can be heard in a video here.

Kizudarake no Blue Moon
Japanese lyrics

Psycho Soldier~Psycho Soldier

* Stop! Mou kore ijou

Please! Kanashimasenaide*

Tomedonaku nagareru namida wa

Aisurumono wo ushinata kanashimi

Ugokanai tokai no Silhouette

Marude tsuki no sekai no you

** I Never konomama jya I Never irarenai

Itsuka kitto Itsuka kitto

Torimodosu wa**

repeat *

Yozora wo nagareru hoshi wa

Aisurumono no taisetsuna no omoi de

Me wo fusereba fukabu Memory

Te wo no bashi tsukamaetai

repeat **

repeat *

Taemanaku nagareru kaze wa

Aisurumono no attakai sasayaki

Totemo tooku ni kanjiru Whisper

Nukumori mo usurete shimaisou

repeat **

repeat *

English translation

Psycho Soldier~Psycho Soldier

* Stop! Please, no more!

Don't go and break my heart*

The never ending river of tears

Is the sadness for lost loved ones

The unmoving city silhouette

Is like a world on the moon

** At this rate, I'll never need it

Someday I know, someday for sure

I'll get it back**

repeat *

The river of stars in the night sky

Carry precious memories of their loved ones

If I close my eyes, the floating memory

Will slip past my reaching hand

repeat **

repeat *

The endless flow of the wind

Is the warm whisper of our loved ones

From faraway I can feel a whisper

And feel like I'm losing my warmth

repeat **

repeat *


  • Athena Famicom Music Cassette Tape
  • Game Sound SNK
  • SNK Original Best - instrumental
  • Legend of Game Music 2 ~ Platinum Box
  • Athena the Music

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