Kongoh portrait.
Full nameKongoh
BirthdateUnknown; 29 when the game takes place
BirthplaceFlag of Japan.svg Japan
Height190cm (5'10")
Weight110kg (165 lbs)
Job/OccupationVeteran Ninja
WeaponGiant metal rod and various shuriken (bombs, stars, kunai, etc.)
Fighting styleNinjutsu (specializes in grappling and metal techniques)

Kongoh (金剛, Kongoh) is a character from Sengoku 3. His name means "golden strength".


Kongoh is the eldest member of the band of ninja who was sent to keep an eye on Kagetsura. He is the gentle giant who doesn't like cutting people after a certain incident. He chose his weapon to keep his blood lust in check, as it will hurt but not fatally kill anyone.


Although he is a pacifist, he will not hesitate to take arms against his enemies. Kongoh enjoys having parties and generally sees the world in a good light.


Aside from these powers, he also has all the skills perceived to be had by ninja (stealth, swimming, climbing, etc). He, like the rest of the characters from his game, also has the power to replace himself with a wooden dummy if he is wounded.

  • Bone-breaking: With the use of his grappling, Kongoh can snap the bones of his opponent.
  • Summon: Through the use of ninjutsu, Kongoh can summon mutiple copies of his weapon to rain down on his opponents.

Fighting StyleEdit

He fights with a massive, dull metal rod and grappling techniques. He is the big and strong character who has short ranged special attacks. He is also the slowest of the heroes but he is physically the strongest.

Game AppearancesEdit



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