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Kouji Haramaki

Kouji Haramaki (服巻 浩司, Haramaki Kōji, born January 28 in Kanagawa Prefecture) is a seiyū who is represented by Aoni Production. He is the cousin to Yukari Tamura. KOF fans know him as the voice for Soiree Meira.

He joked that he was like Soiree since they both love girls, like to ride bikes, and would like to do a threesome. Haramaki continued his commentary by stating the conflicting feelings he had with Soiree's fighting style (capoiera) as he practices boxing in his spare time. Although he mocked Soiree's idolization of his brother ("male bonding is gross"), he actually likes his character a lot and wouldn't mind voicing him again. He also became good friends with Hiroyuki Satou through the experience.

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