Kuki in one of the game's openings.
Full nameTetsuki Kuki
BirthdateUnknown; 46 before the game takes place
Family/RelativesTohma Kuki (adopted son), Seishiro Kuki (son)
Job/OccupationLeader of the Oniwabanshu
WeaponSei-oh (蒼煌, Seiō) and Kohoh (紅煌, Kōō)
Fighting styleNine Rulers Ascension Art (九皇天昇流, Kunō Tenshō-ryū)

Kuki (九葵) is a character introduced in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage as the father of Seishiro and foster father of Tohma. He is also referred to as "the Legendary Kuki" or "Master of the Kunou Tenshoryu". The All-About SNK appendix lists his full name as Tetsuki Kuki (九葵 鉄騎, Kuki Tetsuki). He is dead by the time the game takes place but is mentioned by the characters who knew him.


Kuki is portrayed as a loyal samurai who is the inventor of a respected sword art. During his time in the shogunate, he was formerly friends with Jushiro Sakaki and Jin-Emon Hanafusa. Although he already had a son to pass his fighting style to, he chose to adopt the orphaned Tohma out of sympathy. Since the latter possessed an arrogant and violent temper, Kuki was stricter for Tohma's training as a hopeful deterrence from abusing forceful methods.

As time passed, Tohma perceived this act as leniency for Seishiro and an insult to his skill. When his son drew the red sword Kohoh against him, Kuki, who lamented his inadequate parenting, accepted death as retribution and as a faithful appeasement for Tohma.


Although he possessed a fearsome presence, Kuki was respected by his colleagues for being a man of good humor. He treated his pupils roughly yet admired their integrity and spirit. He dearly loved both of his sons and wished for them to continue his legacy.

Fighting StyleEdit

Kuki fought with a dual-wielding sword style. His swords, though renowned for their majesty, come from an unknown origin and are said to exhibit mysterious powers. His techniques are partly demonstrated through Kunou Seishiro.

Game AppearancesEdit

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