Kunou Seishiro's profile
Full nameSeishiro Kuki
BirthdateUnknown; 17 when the game takes place
Height172 cm (approx. 5' 8")
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Family/RelativesKuki (father, deceased), Tohma Kuki (older adopted brother)
Job/OccupationYoung Leader of the Oniwabanshu
LikesListening to the sound of silence
DislikesVulgar noises
Special skillHe can sleep while standing up.
WeaponSei-oh (蒼煌, Seiō), a blue katana and Kohoh (紅煌, Kōō), a red katana
Fighting styleNine Rulers Ascension Art (九皇天昇流, Kunō Tenshō-ryū)

Kunou Seishiro (九皇 蒼志狼, Kunō Seishirō), roughly translated as "The Ninth Ruler Seishiro", is an alternate form of Seishiro Kuki in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage. Unlike his original form, only his first name, Seishiro, is spoken by the announcer.

He is voiced by Naoki Oikawa.


After defeating his brother, Seishiro reclaims his father's blade, Kohoh, and his father's legacy. He wields both swords, dons his father's coat, and continues his mission to rid Ritenkyo of the Razor Trio. During his story mode, Seishiro revisits two previous challengers, Yaci Izanagi and Jushiro Sakaki (with intents to officially execute the latter). His final opponent is Haohmaru, who he challenges to test his mettle.

In his ending, he asks Jin-Emon Hanafusa if he has surpassed him yet. When the elder scoffs at his claim, it's insinuated that Seishiro smiles, a rare sight from the lad in Jin-Emon's eyes.


As the new Kunou, Seishiro strives for improvement and discipline. He also begins to wonder about his standing in the world.


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Fighting StyleEdit

In this version, Seishiro wields both his and Tohma's swords. He mainly wields Sei-oh but he can unsheathe Kohoh for certain moves. He abandons his defensive style in favor of a dual-wielding stance where he gains access to fast damaging combos and a rage gauge-charging move. He becomes a more flexible character but at the same time some of his moves deal less damage in comparison to his normal version.


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Game AppearancesEdit


  • The white kimono is inscribed with Buddha's saying "I am alone honored on heaven and earth" (天上天下唯我独尊, tenjōtenge yuigadokuson) - with first half located on front, and second on the back of kimono.

Similar CharactersEdit

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