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Here is a list of quotes for Kusanagi.

In Battle Edit

Japanese English Translation
Bibi ten no ka, eh?! You're getting scared, eh?!
Touga no goteko moetsukiro!!! Burn away like you're freezing to death!!!*
Temee! Sude de shobu shiagare!!! You! Fight me with your bare hands!!!**
"San" wo tsukeru yo, kono dekosuke yaro ga!!! That's "Mr." Kusanagi, you freak!!!***
Ora! Doushita? Come on! What's the matter?
Ochiyagare! Fall!
Kurae! Eat this!
Iku ze! Makka ni MOERO!!! Here I go! I'M BURNING RED!!!
Kono! Why you!
Komura ni...KURAE YAGARE~!!! Chew on...THESE FLAMES!!!
Gouka no maede...MU NI KIERU!!! By these flames...DISAPPEAR INTO NOTHING!!!
Tende hanashi ni naran ze... Words can't describe how pathetic you are...
Hokage sugata ni...mihoretaro? Did you fall in love with the...blaze of fire?

*intro vs. Kyo/Iori/K'

**intro vs. Any fighter with weapons

***intro vs. K9999

The King of Fighters 2002Edit

  • "Hallelujah, brother! You've just met your maker."
  • "So, did you enjoy my little welcome party?"
  • "The flames live within me!"
  • "I hope you've learned your lesson, saphead!" (Vs. Iori)
  • "You're as graceful as an elephant. What a clod!" (Vs. K')
  • "You gotta focus your power!" (Vs. K9999)
  • "You're tough... but I rule!" (Vs. Kyo)

The King of Fighters 2003Edit

  • "And there it is! Wash up and start anew!"
  • "A rude welcome, I fear. Did you enjoy it?!"
  • "You lack the flames... A dreg's always a dreg!"
  • "You burn like paper! I thought you were better!"
  • "So what about you is exactly "Kyokugen," huh?" (Vs. Art of Fighting Team)
  • "Well, this's convenient. I can get rid of you in one sweep!" (Vs. Kagura/Maki)
  • "Only your mugs are special! You're nothing but flash!" (Vs. Hero Team)
  • "If you want to be noticed, you need suitable ability!" (Vs. Outlaw Team)

KOF: Sky StageEdit

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit

Athena Asamiya

Kusanagi: "Young lady... This isn't the sort of place you want to wander into on your way home from school."
Athena: "I'm not on my way home from school! And what about you anyway, Kyo? Have you been to school lately?!"
Kusanagi: "Geez, girl. Can't you take a joke?"
Athena: "What? Wait... You're not... You're not Kyo, are you? Your another shadow sent by Miss Kagura to stop me."
Kusanagi: "Nah. I'm definitely a shadow spawned by the Yata power, but I'm not here on her say so."
Athena: "Then why do you stand in my way? I have no time to waste. Let me through!"
Kusanagi: "That's what I was waiting for! You always get your way, don't you?! Well, you won't get it this time!"

Iori Yagami

Kusanagi: "What took you so long, Iori? I thought you'd never get here!"
Iori: "I don't know what you're thinking, but since you aren't the real thing, I really don't care either."
Kusanagi: "That's real smart of you. You figured that if you deny me, you can avoid facing me, right?"
Iori: "What?"
Kusanagi: "Knowing I'm an imitation created by the mirror's powers, you can't afford to lose to me, right? That would mean you're no match for the real Kusanagi. Yeah, denying me to avoid defeat. It makes sense."
Iori: "Imitation or not, you've definitely inherited Kyo's mouth and attitude! I'll make you sorry you did!

Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate ShootingEdit

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit

Mai Shiranui

Kusanagi: "Stop right there, missy. Can't let you go on, I'm afraid!"
Mai: "Hmmm, you don't seem particularly aggressive. You sound more like a gatekeeper, if anything. That must mean you're that illusion Miss Kagura created. Must've been hard to make it all the way here."
Kusanagi: "Well spotted. That's a ninja for you! Nothing escapes you people."
Mai: "Flattery isn't going to get you anywhere, you know?"
Kusanagi: "I wasn't flattering you. I was just glad I won't have to waste time on words. I'm sure you know exactly why I'm here and what I'm up to?"
Mai: "Pretty much. Like I said, you're the gatekeeper. Talk about living in the past."
Kusanagi: "Let's do this already. There's only one rule! If you win, you may pass!"