Level Armor
Lv armor
Level Armor concept art
Full Name LV Armor "Level Armor"
Mass 1,499kg
Height 202cm
Width {{{Width}}}
Length 190cm
Speed  ??
Communications  ??
Power plant  ??
Power output  ??
Weaponry 7.62mm FMJ Heavy Machine Gun; 100mm smoothbore High Explosive cannon
Optional weapons  ??
Defensive measures  ??

The LV Armor is a vehicle in the Metal Slug series.


The Rebellion Army was impressed by Slugnoid's ability to jump, so they made one of their own. This light suit of armor protects the soldiers inside from enemy fire, but some heavier weapons can pentrate through the windshield, sometimes killing the soldier inside and allow someone else to commandeer the vehicle.

The main advantage is that it can jump twice. The first stage of the jump is done by using its legs, while the second stage can be accomplished using the rocket booster mounted at rear. Rebellion troops with specialized training are seen to be able to continuously use the booster and stay in the air almost indefinitely.

Although the limited ammunition is a concern, its ability to swap the weapons is another bonus.

Game AppearancesEdit


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