Lavicus is a serpentine-like creature with a long body and long fingers. Lavicus made his first appearance in King of the Monsters 2. He is the only boss in the game who doesn't have a stage where the monsters must travel to fight him. Lavicus is the last of Famardy's minions before the final battle.


  • Fly - Lavicus can fly.
  • Confuse ray - Lavicus flicks an beam out his fingers which messes up the players controls.
  • Summon minions - Lavicus lays eggs from the tube on his forhead. The egg will hatch as a minon.

Fighting StyleEdit

Like Aqua Slug, Lavicus can attempt a dash at the player. At the center of his mouth, he has a eye that enables him to suck in opponents and take a portion of their health.

Game AppearancesEdit

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