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League bowling

American cover for Neo Geo.

League Bowling (リーグ・ボウリング) is an alternative one to four-player arcade game released by SNK on December 10, 1990. It was ported for the Neo Geo on July 1, 1991 and the Neo Geo CD on September 9, 1994.

The rules are the same as ten-pin bowling and players only need the joystick and A button to play. On each frame, players can pick a position from where they want to launch the ball. Pressing the A button once determines how much spin the player will use in their throw and the second time determines how much power they will use. The graphics are brightly colored and cartoony with lively character animations and flashy special effects. Since the gameplay is straight forward and simplistic, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

It has gained some fans over the internet due to a mostly faithful flash adaption of the game.

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