Lee Pai Long

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In Battle Edit

Art of Fighting Edit

Pre-Battle Dialogue Edit

Ryo Sakazaki

  • Ryo: "You're one of them, right?"
  • Lee: "Ha..ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."
  • Ryo: "You don't want to talk? Fine."

Robert Garcia

  • Robert: "Wow! Watch out!"
  • Lee: "Ha..ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."
  • Robert: "You're not lookin' so good."

Win Quotes Edit

Story Mode

  • "Ha, ha, ha... Ha, ha, ha! Ha! Ha!"

VS Mode

  • "Yee hee hee who's next?"

Lose Quote Edit

  • "Go to the "L'amor" restaurant. The bouncer knows something."

Art of Fighting 2 Edit

Pre-Battle Dialogue Edit

Eiji Kisaragi

Lee: "You're about to taste my steel, ninja boy! Kookeeee!"
Eiji: "I think you overestimate yourself, you silly man."


Lee 1: "Hey, I've seen you somewhere before! But where?!"
Lee 2: "Oh, I have a brother! Too bad I have to slice him up!"

Jack Turner

Lee: "Wow, this will be quite a job slicing you to edible portions."
Jack: "Haah! Do you think those will work against my mass?"

John Crawley

Lee: "Training in the army will not be sufficient for me."
John: "Are you saying I'm thick? I'm not... I'm not. Stu... stu... dumb!"


Lee: "A beautiful face is so much more fun to mutilate. Let's begin!"
King: "Geez, I thought that the fat guy was weird. I want to go home."

Mickey Rogers

Lee: "Considering the speed of your punch, this will be easy."
Mickey: "All I need is one punch and you're monkey meatloaf."

Mr. Big

Lee: "Razor-sharp steel or wooden sticks. Who has the edge? Hmmmm!"
Mr. Big: "Sticks or fists... I'll kick your monkey backside."

Robert Garcia

Lee: "Long time since we last met! And a new hairstyle too!"
Robert: "That's it! No monkey-faced twit knocks my hairstyle."

Ryo Sakazaki

Lee: "Hey, it's the Karate rug rat. I hate pests!"
Ryo: "Oh no! Monkey face, go find an organ grinder, peanut head!"

Takuma Sakazaki

Lee: "You once fought my master, I'm not my master. I'm Lee!"
Takuma: "Could you please explain the first part again?"


Lee: "Does the term "julienne fry" mean anything to you?"
Temjin: "Coming from a man in a monkey mask. I can't be too scared."

Yuri Sakazaki

Lee: "Another young lady to grapple with! Old age is fun."
Yuri: "Old guys sure have a warped sense of reality, huh?"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "When this guy falls around, he really falls around. Kee!"
  • "You were--in a word--pathetic!"
  • "It was close there. An awesome opponent. Kee! Kee!" (Vs. Himself)

Special Stage Dialogue Edit

Pre-Final Battle

Agent: "Mr. Lee Pai Long? The Police Commissioner would like a word with you. Could you walk this way?"
Lee: "Okay. Is there free food and Chinese beer?"

Geese Howard

Geese: "Nee-how, Lee Pai Long."
Lee: "Hey, I'm an American, pal. Speak English. Why am I here?"
Geese: "Why are any of us here, really, I mean, it's all a mystery to me. But I do like your style."
Lee: "Good! I'll show you more while I waltz on your belly. Kee!"


Lee: "Kee! Victory is mine!"
Geese: "Heh. It's all over."
Lee: "Heeh! What? Kee keeee."
Servant: "This way, Mr. Geese."
Geese: "I have lost this time, but I will be back. For now, my farewell."
Lee: "Leaving so soon? Wait!"
Servant: "Mr. Geese, we are entering Japanese air space."
Geese: "I see. How goes Southtown?"
Servant: "Everything is going as planned. Just f-a-b, b-i-g g-u-y."
Geese: "Tell me more. Don't spell it out."
Servant: "OK, whoops, sorry. Anyway, it seems that Jeff Bogard is checking up on you and your actions. We don't know who this guy is."
Geese: "Take care of him. Rub him out."
Servant: "Rub him off. Got it."
Geese: "Out! Twit! Kill him and get me control of Southtown. I have invested too much in this to see my plans ended. The city will be mine. All mine. Wah hah haaaah."

Ending Edit

Lee: "My days of battle are over. Time to return to my profession for now. I will work on my cure for the world's greatest problem. A problem so boggling, so perplexing..."
(The Newspaper says "Pai Long Cures Hemorrhoids!" right next to his mask)

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Strength is not power. It's speed and jabbing. I think you got the picture."
  • "Hyah, hyah, hyah. Younguns these days are all slackers!"
  • "Hyah, hyah! The merits of age! The merits of age!"
  • "Losing against a fossil like me? You really do lack talent. Hyah, hyah, hyah!"
  • "You're getting old, pal. You should hang it up!" (Vs. Geese)
  • "Hyoh! Hyoh! You must be a spy from the local drugstore, eh?" (Vs. Himself)
  • "You punk kid! Fighting's a noble pursuit, but try reading a book or two!" (Vs. K'/Rock)
  • "My, my. If that's all you're capable of, Takuma can't retire yet." (Vs. Mr. Karate II/Robert)

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