Dragon Spirits
Known MembersLee Song, Billy Lewis, Jimmy Lewis, Lynn Baker, Pepe Rodriguez, Johann
Introduced inRage of the Dragons

The Legend of the Dragons is a myth that is prevalent in Rage of the Dragons.


Once, in ancient times, people who worshiped dragons developed a fighting style dedicated to them. Using this art, they could manifest the mystical beings' power. While the dragons eventually left this world, practitioners of the fighting style can still call upon their spirits and merge the souls with their own. Fighters who can harness a particular spirit are referred to as "Dragons".

There is no established style to this art as each part of the world has their own techniques and practices. The spirits themselves are as diversified as their users; not all of them fight for the benefit of mankind. Dragons instinctively clash with one another to balance their powers and keep peace within the land.

Lee Song, the guardian of the legend and dragon spirits, sealed some of the spirits and looked for worthy possessors of their power. Knowing that certain qualities were needed, he was careful to choose fighters who only had abominable willpower and taught his students to constantly train (lest they be devoured by the spirits' power). He does this by teaching his students Ryu Zui Ken, the Chinese method of taming a dragon spirit. Unfortunately, he eventually succumbs to old age, leaving their training incomplete and once again setting loose the beasts' struggle for power. His legacy is left with his pupils.

Dragon SpiritsEdit

Each dragon has their own characteristics that are often exhibited with the people that harness them. The known spirits are listed below:

  • Blue Dragon
Fair and wise entity of judgment who flows with the norm. He is feared for his sudden bouts of anger and has power over lightning. Billy keeps the spirit in check.
  • Red Dragon
Fierce and raging soul that is quite difficult to tame due to its fickle nature and has power over fire. It is merged with Jimmy.
  • White Dragon
A calm and reasonable spirit who works to live in harmony with others, previously kept by Lee for his successor. Currently with Lynn.
  • Black Dragon
One of the many dragons who schemes to be the king of all dragons, and has powers over dark forces, such as ghosts or hellfire. Synced with Johann.
  • Green Dragon
Otherwise known as the Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl. He has power over the sky and is known for being merciful and generous. Currently fused with Pepe.