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Lenny Creston

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In Battle Edit

Art of Fighting 3 Edit

Story Mode Edit

Final Day: Wyler

Lenny: "Freia Lawrence?"
Freia: "You are?"
Lenny: "A man named Wyler asked me to look for you. Please come with me."
Wyler: "Well, you're that..."
Lenny: "Wyler?! What the...?"
Wyler: "Contact with you has just been nullified."
(Wyler drinks an elixir)
Lenny: "What are you saying?! You don't know what I have been through..."
(Wyler turns into a superhuman form)
Lenny: "What in the world..."
Wyler: "I'll get rid of you. Here I come!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "B-O-R-I-N-G. I'm outta here!"
  • "That sure was exciting! Yeah!"
  • "Yeah, yeah. Now go home!"
  • "Total waste o' time, slick!"

Ending Edit

Lenny: "Whipped him silly, I guess."
Wyler: "Oh, my head! Daddy, help!"
Lenny: "Let's blow this joint, Freia!"
Freia: "No, I must help him fight the drug side effect. If only, I didn't bring the drug data, this would not have happened..."
Lenny: "No way, I'm taking ya back!"
Freia: "Please, let me help him!"
Lenny: "Okay, call me an Ol' Softy!"
Freia: "What? Thanks, Lenny!"
Lenny: "I guess I failed this job like the others. The problem is, how to convince him..."
Rody: "Lenny! At last I've found you!"
Lenny: "Sure took your time, Roddy."
Rody: "Relax... Did you find Freia?"
Lenny: "Nope. She's not here. No clues."
Rody: "She wasn't here huh... No way! I'll go look for her myself."
Lenny: "Shoot... Hey, Roddy."
Rody: "What?!"
Lenny: "You can't believe what I just said? Don't worry, there's another job waiting."
Rody: "What are you talking about? I don't understand."
Lenny: "A guy shouldn't pay attention to details. Now, let's go!"
(Lenny walks away, dragging Rody along)
Rody: "Hey, Lenny! Let me go! Ahh!"

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