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This is a list of bosses found in the Metal Slug game series. They are enormous and powerfull baddies that ahve advanced attacks

  • Tetsuyuki (inprovised fortification constructed from a crashed Type 770 Takatsu-class aerial gunboat/bomber)
  • Hairbuster Riberts (Prototype rebellion Heavy Bomber)
  • Tani Oh (Giant self-propelled artillery armed with andro cannons)
  • Shoe & Karn (Cooperative mission tanks designed to cover each other's backs, acting in tandem)
  • Iron Nokana ( Multi-role combat vehicle designed primarily to hold up large troop movements)
  • Hi-Do (Second generation attack helicopter built specifically for Donald Morden)
  • The Keesi (VTOL heavy bomber/"The Keesi II", a combined bomber and troop transport)
  • Aeshi Nero (Giant subterranean excavator, basically a huge robot snake with a hypercharged andro cannon in it's mouth)
  • Dragon Nosuke (Platformed urban tank used to defend vulnerable trains with a variety of weaponry)
  • Big Shiee ("Amphibious vehicle of destruction", basically a naval destroyer on tracks)
  • Hozmi (Covert operation submarine built by the rebels using supplied martian technology)
  • Dai-Manji (UFO armed with energy bombs and an electric beam projector)
  • Rugname (Martian mothership which has an underside port for a Dai-Manji to dock onto, hypercharging it's electric beam into a lethal laser)
  • Huge Hermit (a giant hermit crab whose current shell used to be a large tank)
  • The Ten Commandments Of Moses (Alien artifact used by the Martians for a first strike, which defends itself by starting off a zombie plague among people near it)
  • Jupiter King (Giant nuclear-powered robot which defends the rebels' underwater weapons factory)
  • Sol Dae Rokker (Japanese sun god's instrument, which in truth is a martian weapon)
  • Rootmars (leader of the mars people, who looks like a huge martian with an exposed brain)
  • Bura Gariae (Amadeus blimp "Bura Gariae")
  • Toschka Dalanue ( Pillbox tower "Toshka Dalanue")
  • The Iron ( Improved multi-role combat vehicle "Iron")
  • Big Jun ( Giant machine doll converted by the Amadeus syndicate to carry zombie and mummy plagues)
  • Sea Satan ( Submarine "Sea Satan")
  • Amadeus (Mad scientist who leads the Amadeus syndicate)
  • Metal Rear (Ptolemaic Ultra-giant Metal Slug: Unit #04 "Metal Rear")
  • Secret Weapon of The Luftwafe ( Ptolemaic Large-sized aerial aircraft carrier: Unit #02 "Secret Weapon of The Luftwafe")
  • Wall Crawler (Ptolemaic special unit: Unit #01 "Wall Crawler")
  • Sandmarine (Ptolemaic amphibious assault landing ship: Unit #02 "Sandmarine")
  • Scyther (a giant scythe-wielding demon)
  • Bulldozer (Giant rebel drilling machine)
  • Iron Slider
  • Brain Robot
  • Sea Worm
  • Venusian Queen
  • Worm Mecha
  • Crab Mecha
  • Fall Mecha
  • The Union
  • Rebel Gigant
  • Kraken (Giant robot octopus from the future)
  • Formor (Rebel version of the metal slug tanks, twice as big and has same weapons)
  • Emain Macha
  • Kaladgolg (Basically the Tani Oh on a railway flatcar and not a giant tank)
  • The Keesi III
  • Cabracan

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