Load Ran
Load Ran and Rabbicat in Twinkle Star Sprites.
Full nameLoad Ran
BirthdateMay 24, 2007
BirthplaceWonder Land; the fairy land
Blood typeO -
Family/RelativesQueen Memory (mother)
Job/OccupationPrincess of Wonder Land
LikesSweets, Dajare
DislikesSpicy things
HobbiesEating sweets
WeaponMagic Broom, Magic Joystick, Rabbicat

Load Ran (ロードラン, Rōdo Ran) is a principal character in the Twinkle Star Sprites games and the main character in the first.


Load Ran is a 10 year old fairy princess who is the daughter of Queen Memory. With the help of her ally, Rabbicat, Ran seeks to reclaim the Twinkle Star which was stolen by Mevious. Load Ran can transform into the magical girl, Sprites. In her personal ending, she doesn't have a wish for Twinkle Star and asks him to be her friend on her next adventure.

In the sequel, she saved the world from Mevious' darkness and became a hero to the land. She leaves her kingdom to look for her real parents.


An energetic girl who is rather clumsy for a princess. She is empathic at heart, always thinking for the good of others.


  • Flight - Load Ran can fly with the aid of her magic broom.
  • Energy Magic - Load Ran can fire energy blasts.
  • Transformation - Load Ran can transform into Sprites using the power of the Twinklestar.
  • Rabicat - Under certain conditions, Load Ran can send explosive versions of her sidekick to her opponents. She can even summon a giant mechanical version of him to attack.

Game AppearancesEdit


Load Ran's card from Card Fighters Clash DS.

Mobile AppearancesEdit

Similar CharactersEdit


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