The King of Fighters XIV final concept by Ogura
Full nameLove Heart
BirthplaceAnother World (one with sky pirates)
Height170 cm (5'7")
Weight55 kg (121 lbs)
Blood typeO
Family/RelativesLike Heart (father, deceased), Airl (pet), Earth Justice (love interest)
Job/OccupationCaptain of the Peace Air Pirates
LikesHer father, the Peace Sky Pirates
DislikesFalcon (her enemy)
HobbiesKnitting, gambling
Favorite foodDuck sauté
Forte in sportsLacrosse
WeaponSword (KOF); Sword and Bazookas (Sky Love)
Fighting styleLike Airstream Arts
Love Heart (ラブ・ハート) is the main character of one of SNK Pachinko game series Sky Love and a new fighter in The King of Fighters XIV.

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Sky Love Edit

Love Heart is the captain of the Elicion III. She has a grudge against Skull D. Falcon for killing her father. Like her father, she is a skilled fighter who is strong enough to fire two bazookas at once. She wears her father's keepsake around her neck, which can grant her mysterious powers.

Once she avenges her father, she struggles to overthrow the Neo G Falcon who resurrected himself after his defeat. Three years later after Neo's defeat, she battles against Skull's daughter, Amelia L. Falcon, from the Nova forces threatening the world.

Six months after the fight against Nova, conflict sparks when Benetnasch, Queen of Obelista, begins to a reign of terror in a bid to extend her country's power. Love joins forces with Amelia to resist Benetnasch's quest for control.

The King of Fighters Edit

Love was transported from her world by a dimension disturbance. She is approached by Nakoruru who requests her help to investigate the phenomenon and Love agrees. After Verse's defeat, Love expresses her wishes to return home but Nakoruru instead decides to drag her along to explore their new world first, much to Love’s annoyance.


Love is a serious, righteous, charismatic leader of the Sky Pirates, dedicated to fighting for freedom.



Fighting StyleEdit


  • Magical Sky - The King of Fighters XIV
  • Magical Sky ~SNK Heroines Edit~ - SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Atsuko Tanaka - Sky Love series
  • Toa Yukinari - The King of Fighters XIV

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  • Dai Shingeki RPG! Sister Quest

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