Love Heart

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The King of Fighters XIVEdit

In Battle Edit

  • "Sudoe! Sora ai suru mono tachi yo!" - "Assemble now! Everyone who love the sky." (Intro)
  • "Watashi ni makasete kure!" - "Let me handle this." (Character select)
  • "Watashi wa watashi seigi tsunaruku!" - "I will breakthrough with my own justice!" (Character select)
  • "Watashi no kachi da!" - "I win!"
  • "Aite ga warukatta na." - "You've chosen the wrong opponent."
  • "Shobu da!" - "I challenge you!" (MAX Mode)
  • "Ikuzo!" - "Let's go!"
  • "Kuso." - "Darn."
  • "Sky Anchor!"
  • "Soko da!" - "Over there!"
  • "Rising Heart!"
  • "Rush Heart!"
  • "Nasakenai to!" - "How miserable!"
  • "Peace Slash!"
  • "Kurae! Elision Wave!" - "Eat this! Elision Wave!"
  • "Double Elision Wave!"
  • "Kore da. Sky Love Arrow!" - "This is it. Sky Love Arrow!"
  • "Senkuu...Buster Sword!" - "Vacuum...Buster Sword!" (Climax)
  • "MINNA~!" - "EVERYO~NE!" (final KO)
  • "Shimat...ta..." - "" (kneeling KO)

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit

Athena Asamiya

Athena: "You're from a different world, right Love? Was there some big reason you came into ours?"
Love: "Well...There are lots of reasons. Never mind that, it seems you're quite friendly with that boy; are you two dating?"
Athena: "Wha?! You mean Kensou?! N-no, that's not it. We had the same training, so he's a close friend."
Love: "Hehe... That boy is intense, too. But he's not all bad..."
Athena: "I-Is there someone you like, Love?"
Love: "Hm? You mean Earth? O-of course not, I couldn't care less. It's match time. Let's go!"
Athena: "Hehe. OK! Here comes Athena Asamiya."

Benimaru Nikaido

Love: "Another lanky one..."
Benimaru: "I'm not a fan of costumes, but I can respect something of such high quality."
Love: "I don't know what you mean exactly, but flashy types like you don't exist in my world. This place is so peaceful compared to where I'm from."
Benimaru: "Oh? Well, let's give it a try. I may be flashy, but people are more than just their appearances."

Choi Bounge

Love: "Another obvious bad buy takes the stage... Right?"
Choi: "That's right. I'm a spooky sort of slasher..."
Love: "Hehe, sorry, but I don't feel the least bit scared. You're not even scary in a cute way."
Choi: "Ahahahagh! Soon I will make you feel true terror!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "As long as there are people who love the sky, I won't lose!!"
  • "It looks like there's always conflict, in every world."
  • "Your heart just wasn't in it."
  • "That was easy... Just kidding."
  • "Sorry, but that didn't even feel like a fight."
  • "Well, I guess that's it."
  • "Isn't there anyone who can give me a better fight?"
  • "I wanted to show my friends how brave I can be."
  • "Simply determining who is strongest is healthy and pretty entertaining."
  • "What a boring battle."
  • "This martial arts competition is more fun than expected."
  • "You underestimated me."
  • "I wanted to show my friends how brave I can be."
  • "I'm just tired of being on the ground..."
  • "How about putting your life on the line more as you fight?"
  • "For the pride of the Peace Air Pirates!"
  • "I want to get back home, so I finished the fight as soon as I could."
  • "I hate halfwits. If you want to achieve anything, you need resolve." (vs. Alice)
  • "That shiny hair acts like a beacon. No matter how you move, I'll always be able to beat you." (vs. Andy)
  • "I've taken down big men like you many times." (vs. Antonov)
  • "You fight for people you don't even know? I've got my hands full with just the sky..." (vs. Athena)
  • "I will never lose to a loose-lipped, effeminate man. Get out of my sight." (vs. Benimaru)
  • "From how you talk to how you get beaten, you're a perfect clown." (vs. Choi)
  • "If it's martial arts or sky battle, I'll never lose!" (vs. Heidern)
  • "You don't look like one of the villains... Regardless, I'll steer clear of you." (vs. Hein)
  • "You carry out your own justice." (vs. Kim)
  • "If you want to win, shouldn't you lose the headgear already? It must be hard to see in front of you." (vs. King of Dinosaurs)
  • "The Peace Air Pirates can't be stopped by a sandstorm!" (vs. Kukri)
  • "You have a powerful charge and high anti-air ability, but you weren't my enemy." (vs. Leona)
  • "You look like you're plotting something." (vs. Luong)
  • "If my mechanic was here, he'd be fascinated with you." (vs. Maxima)
  • "You're the kind of guy who gets tough when the going gets tough. I get it." (vs. Meitenkun)
  • "You eat too much before matches, Mui Mui..." (vs. Mui Mui)
  • "You just be patient, Nakoruru. I'll take care of it..." (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "You're a man who gets loud and heated for no reason. But I kind of like that type." (vs. Nelson)
  • "Should a mom really be getting into fistfights?" (vs. Vanessa)
  • "Alright, let's go home, Nakoruru!" (vs. Verse)
  • "There's no way you'll win with just hysterical rampages." (vs. Vice)
  • "Your skills are great, but your lack of power decided it." (vs. Yuri)

SNK Heroines: Tag Team FrenzyEdit

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